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Is school motivation carried out for the benefit of my child?

I am informed that my child is undergoing school motivation where he is learning. I am wondering how this motivation is carried out and whether it is of benefit to him. I wonder if a school can offer individual motivation, or the children are part of a group.  I am also puzzled as to whether this process encourages self motivation for students. I need your help to understand what the school is offering my child and whether it is sufficient to improve his performance.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Derrick Little on February 26, 2018

All schools have a responsibility to motivate their students to learn. This is a requirement of current educational reforms. Check out the following link for more information. . It is good news that your child’s school is involved in motivation of students, and has informed you about it. There are a number of issues for you to consider in trying to understand this issue. They are listed below.

  1. It is rare to find a school offering motivation for individual students. That is mainly because the student-to-teacher ratio is usually high, so all the children need attention. A more common feature is targeted intervention programs. In these programs, students are motivated in groups smaller than their classroom sizes. There are various ways in which schools achieve this. One way is to divide the children into groups based on their level of performance and motivation in class. Top students are classified separately from those in the middle and the potential dropouts.  
  2. Another increasingly popular method of motivation is student centered learning. In this approach, the factors of competence, autonomy, interest and relatedness are enhanced. The students are subjected to teaching in which they participate so that they feel competent and autonomous to do things effectively on their own. This approach ensures that what is of interest to the children is included and that they relate well to one another and to their instructors.
  3. Your child will definitely benefit from mentorship. This is an important way of carrying out student motivation. The children are attached to teachers who act as their mentors. They then seek advice from their mentors on different issues. As stated earlier, each teacher has more than one child to attend to. Nevertheless, the child can contact the mentor at any free time, and occasionally it is the child alone who the mentor attends to. However, your input as the parent is required. You must regularly exchange views with your child’s mentor.
  4. You should find out exactly how this motivation in school is done, so you know if your child is benefiting. Also remember to ask your child if he likes the programs and if they are helping him. A child in grade 6 is old enough to form an opinion about the program. If your child has a positive opinion towards it, then he is more likely to achieve student self-motivation for himself.  

Noel Byrda year ago

Educational reforms always aim to motivate students to learn by providing a conducive learning environment. However, school motivation is not clear-cut. It is not always easy to find a school that offers the appropriate self motivation for students that your child really needs.

I agree that you as a parent should at least find out what kind of motivation such schools offer and what rewards are given to its students for the accomplishments. In case of mentorship, you should pay special attention to the extra activities and ascertain how they are a better fit to motivate your child. 

Brian Warner2 years ago

It is true that the parent has a role to play in the motivation of the child. It is not a minor role. School motivation alone does not work very well without the parent’s input. You did not state the reason your child’s school informed you about this program. If their aim was to get you to play a part in it, then that is good. Many such motivation programs, such as student centered learning, are integrated into the teaching methods. However, those like mentorship are extra activities incorporated by individual schools. You should check the activities your child has done during the day at school. Evidence of this is in the form of written work and drawings. Also check the progress your child is making in using a computer. Use your laptop at home or in the neighborhood for this. Your child’s opinion on all this is also important.  

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