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Is San Francisco state university the same as university of California San Francisco?

Dana Keller

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Ramon Kelly on August 9, 2018

In reality, to be a little less partial, of the University of California system are generally more costly and tend to have a better reputation, but are more research and scientific of the theory. This is not to say that CSUs do not have good representatives. It really depends on what programs you are looking for and that you should discuss with your advisors. UCSF is primarily a medical school and does not have undergraduate programs as well as in the rest of the UCs. SFSU offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs, so be sure to do your research before you apply. Although it is less expensive, you can find wonderful programs at the CSUs as well. To give you a better idea about the differences of costs, I ended up spending approximately $25,000 a year at UCSD, including tuition, fees, and the cost of living. My friend that went to CSU Sacramento and spent approximately half of that. state vs university. SFSU is "san fran state university", like California State University, Sacramento. UCSF is "University of California at San Fran" as in UC Davis. The UC's are more popular, have better reputation, more difficult to obtain and are more expensive. State Universities are cheaper and don't have good reps.

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