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Is reform school affected by education policy changes?

It is common for politicians to introduce a national education reform they are convinced will revolutionize education and improve its quality. However, I have never understood whether the school reform movement applies to all schools including reform school or just certain schools. If it does, how does the government prevent the reforms from interfering with the effectiveness of schools meant for special groups of people? I am concerned because I think the education reform issues might affect the effectiveness of reform schools and prevent the students from getting the most out of the experience.

Megan Page

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on February 23, 2018

National education reforms apply to all schools within the country that is implementing the changes in education. Therefore, even reform schools are included and are supposed to comply with all the changes that have been implemented.

There is certainly more than one education reform issue that arises as a consequence of implementing new policies. Some of the issues that arise due to changes in education policies include:

  • Teachers’ lack of enthusiasm: Teachers are directly affected by the majority of the changes that are made in the education system. This is because they have to work to make the changes effective. If they are not consulted and included in the policy-making process, they can lack enthusiasm for their job because they feel disrespected and unappreciated.
  • Less Attention is given to students: When most policies are being implemented, the politicians’ main focus is whether or not the policy is working. There is less focus on the students and how much they are learning. Consequently, students end up not learning so much and when they finish school, most of them do not have important life skills.
  • Lack of cooperation: When teachers feel like they are not being considered when changes are being made, they might refuse to cooperate with the government. In some countries, they go as far as striking and not doing their jobs until their voices are heard.

As you can see, school reform movements are far from flawless. It is not just reform institutions that are affected but the entire education system. However, these reforms do not directly affect how reform institutions are run or their effectiveness. Reform institutions are mainly meant for young people who have been involved in crime. The institutions aim at providing an environment where they can train the students to be better people. The structures that have been put in place to make this happen are not in any way affected by the reforms that are made. This is because reforms are only based on the quality of education the students are getting, the curriculum and other learning- related issues. This means that the school set up and everything else remains the same. In fact, in most countries, the reform institutions are very strict when it comes to correcting the students’ behavior. Some are even worse than prison because they want to ensure every student who leaves the school is a great citizen who can be of great value to his country.

Kayla Bowena year ago

I agree. Changes in the education policies do not affect any reform school in a manner that can compromise the effectiveness of the institution. Most students who go to reform schools are mandated to do so by a court of law. They attend schools with strict surveillance and very strict rules so that they can get back on track. A lot of work is put into making these schools as effective as possible and the government wouldn’t come up with any policies that would undermine the institutions.  The only thing that changes in these types of schools when policies are introduced is how students are taught, the curriculum they are taught and other things related to their education. However, their discipline and all the rules they have to comply to are not affected especially if the institution is a private institution that decides when to change things and when to leave them as they are.

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