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Is reading Thanksgiving quotes a fun activity for children?

My children are learning to read and I am thinking that I may search for some Thanksgiving quotes or short Thanksgiving poems to give them material to practice on this date. But I do not want them to see it as homework. Maybe Thanksgiving coloring pages will be a better idea.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Chelsea Hayes on November 12, 2018

Reading can be a fun activity for children, provided that it is presented to them as a game. The favorite activity of every child is playing. This explains why many educational methods for children at an early age are based on games. Children can indeed learn a lot by playing.

As long as the text that you give to them is not too long, they will not see it as boring and will be interested in reading it and knowing its meaning. Reading quotes on Thanksgiving before having dinner is a very good idea because they are very short texts. And you can have a dictionary at hand to look together for the words that they do not know yet. This will serve as an example for them to learn how to use useful tools such as a dictionary.

Try to buy a children’s dictionary since the size of its characters is usually very large and this helps small children get familiar with the letters of the alphabet. The explanations of this type of dictionary are easier and shorter and very often it brings images that help children understand clearly the exact meaning of each word.

Reading poems for Thanksgiving can also be a good idea, but it may be a challenging activity. While a couple of unknown words may give children an opportunity to grow their vocabulary and learn that there are available tools such as the dictionary to help them, texts – even short ones – that contain many unknown words may not be fun or interesting for small children.

Keep in mind that the best texts to practice reading at an early age usually have a short length and contain common words. It is possible to find books with tales for children that have both a short text and coloring pages about Thanksgiving. Children will have fun with them because they enjoy coloring ( and, at the same time, they can practice their reading with the text of the stories. It would be advisable that you help them with the reading part to identify the words and their meaning.

Kayla Bowena year ago

Small children always love to have something to color. I have not met yet the first child that considers coloring as homework. By the way, it is a relaxing activity also for grown-ups. My children are already in high school, but when they were small they could spend many hours drawing and coloring. And by doing that, they developed several talents and skills. The idea of using this holiday, and any holiday in general, as a motivation to learn, is very good. Parents should take advantage of every opportunity to help their kids to learn. In my opinion, coloring pages about Thanksgiving are fun, but they should always have a text to complement. This helps children that do not know the alphabet yet to get familiar with the letters, while those that can recognize the letters can practice their reading with short texts about different holidays to learn new words. 

Larry Warrena year ago

Reading Thanksgiving quotes can be an interesting activity for adults too. It is a great way to discover or remember the origins of this holiday. I would like to read Thanksgiving poems, as long as they are not too long. Because if they are very long they could be a bit boring. I have helped my little nephew with his coloring pages sometimes and it is true, you can do it for hours and you do not get tired. But in a family meeting, we should talk instead of studying. 

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