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Is public education an effective means of educating children?

Tara Andrews

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1 answer

Caroline Campbell on January 19, 2019

Yes, it is. But there is a wide disparity in the quality of education and the "school of experience" in the day of today in public schools. Some of the schools where more parents are involved to do better than others, where the participation of parents is limited. (And no, the fault is attributed to a parent or parents who have to work - two jobs to provide for a family.) It is probably true that the inner city schools are more challenging in rural schools or smaller schools in the periphery of urban areas. No school can be found in lack one thing or another. Any school. Even education in the home is far from perfect, though it may be more "safe".. As the decrease of the income of the government and the cuts are forced by federal and state agencies, less and less money will be available for public education. What is happening now. Teachers are receiving layoff notices, and school administrators are struggling to decide what school or schools shall be abandoned or closed. And it's going to get worse before it gets better.. A student who puts himself in his school work, will be successful in school - a public school. And the more that their parents may support their efforts, the best that he (and his school) will be for him. Also, this individual will usually be able to find a way to an establishment of higher education. The tuition is equal to money, you must pay the value in school.. make no mistake. We are in serious trouble, as a nation, when it comes to education. Some angry people to think a little less M.A.Edu.'s going to allow a little more to teachers (and - imagine it! - useful in the classroom). They may be right. Education is, after all, a big business. And, sometimes, their focus on their customer base - students - is lost.. If the father is not the speed of what is going on with your son or daughter to school, now is the time to find out. Now. Find out by talking to other parents and teachers as to the children. Get to know a bit about the other parents and teachers, about their concerns. Find out who the school administrators are and who is on the school board. Get a line on all the Representatives in the Congress (federal and state). Inform yourself and become an advocate. To make a difference. Who is going to do it if not?

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