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Is Penn Ford a real online high school?

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on February 13, 2018

Answer 1: Yes, this is fraud, ladies and gentlemen. I paid my money to have a Diploma and have not received anything. Waste $ 275.:/ . Answer 2: Penn Ford School is a despicabland factory certificates. STAY AWAY FROM HIM! . The alleged "NABAE accreditation", not even worth the paper it is written on. And there is no such thing as "globally accredited.". On the other hand, the practice of giving the school a name that's deliberately similar name, well-known and legitimate school is one of the diploma millists' tricks, an older in the book! The name "Penn " Ford" suggests, the sound is similar to "Penn foster." The latter is a legitimate and accredited school; the first is minor, the diploma mill.. don'T be FOOLED! . Never believe any school's claims, on its web site, in respect of their accreditation. Always, always, always check the independent school accreditation to look, said its accreditor's web site, and to ensure that, firstly, who said, even a real accreditor accreditor. Good-for-nothing Penn Ford claims something called "NABAE" accreditation. Sadly, NABAE is actually it's not.. accreditor accreditor to be-at least in the United States, said accreditor must be approved by the Department of Education (USDE). Period. If UDSMA accreditor is not approved, then it is not the accreditor. Just like that.. NABAE not UDSMA adopted. And it's not accreditor.. on the other hand, there is no such thing as an international Agency that supersedes or replaces! Accreditation is a country-by-country (or, in the case of the EU, perhaps (but only partially) multi-national). There is no such thing, despite the fact that, as a "global" accreditation. Technically, there is no such thing as a legitimate and recognized by all international accreditation.. In the US, only a high school diploma, accredited to one of the six great "UDSMA regional approved" acreditadores is universally acceptable to all employers, universities, armed forces, etc. Yes, there is UDSMA approved the "national" acreditadores; and its accreditation is a very, very good. However, there are pro-"regional" and "against"national" bias among employers, colleges/universities and the military when it comes to the diplomas of high school. Only a "regional" school, accredited diploma of work. "National" accreditation is only useful with University/University credentials. In high level ski pole with a "regional" accredited schools.. Penn Foster high School (after Penn Ford" is obviously confusion with a similar title) is "regional" accredited.. Penn Ford, on the other hand, is a classic textbook example of factory of the diploma. High school diploma not even worth the paper it is written on. Avoid like the plague! .

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