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Is online psychology degree different from on-campus degree?

I am working as a registered nurse. I always liked psychology. Now I would like to do a master’s in psychology. As a working woman, my only option is online psychology degree. I shared this idea with some of my friends but they are skeptical about online courses. I am more confused now. Is masters degree in psychology online properly accredited and approved? Am I going to face any kind of problems with recognition if I go for online medical degrees? And there is the task of finding some good institutions offering masters in psychology online. Can you help me with that?

Samantha Barber

in Online Courses

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1 answer

Ramon Kelly on March 13, 2018

It is high time to remove the fears regarding online medical degree because educational institutions have already equipped themselves with sufficient technology and resources to accommodate the increasing number of online learners. What makes this area still murky is the presence of fake course and certificate providers. Though a few employers still look at the online degrees with some doubt, the reality is that you can find accredited psychological degrees online. Now let me list a few institutions offering online masters in psychology.

The first course that came to my notice is the Master of Science in Counseling Psychology offered by California Baptist University, which is accredited regionally. This course is available in the asynchronous online format allowing you to study at your own pace. According to the given information, the whole course will cost you nearly $27,000.

You can find two psychology specializations at Arizona State University. They are Master of Science in Psychology and Master of Science in Forensic Psychology. There are many points which make this university the best choice. Firstly, this university is considered one of the best in the US; and secondly, the course is cheaper, that is just $13,000; and thirdly, you can finish your master’s in 18 months if you want.    

Three psychology specializations offered by Austin Peay State University might also attract you. The options are Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology, Leadership and Organizational Change, and Cross-cultural Industrial-Organizational Psychology.

If you want to select from a wide variety of choices, you should go to Chicago School of Professional Psychology. This accredited institution offers online masters in psychology. The specializations are a generalist, child and adolescent, international psychology, sport and exercise, organizational leadership, BCBA foundation, non-licensure, industrial and organizational psychology, and gerontology.

Another important place is North Central University. At this university, you can find online master’s in psychology in four concentrations. They are gender diversity studies, general psychology, health psychology, and industrial-organizational psychology.

As you can notice from the list I have presented, all these educational institutions are highly reputed and accredited. The same is true about their courses. Though a few private employers of the old generation might find an online degree hard to digest, the new gen is well accustomed to the trend. Therefore, the fear regarding the reputation of online masters in psychology is ill-founded. I think you should go ahead with your plan. Best of luck.

Kyle Mckinneya year ago

I have a few friends who take online classes so I am based on their experience, I can share with you a few lessons. Firstly, when you select a program, get in touch with the former students of that program and ask about the effectiveness of the program. For example, one of my friends always receives ‘A’ grade in everything he does but with little feedback on what is good and what is not good. This leaves him in the pitch dark as to what areas he needs to improve. Secondly, make sure that the institution you have selected is regionally and nationally accredited by a competent accrediting agency. Thirdly, before taking the final decision, think many times about your goal of joining that program, that is, what job you are going to do with the degree exactly. This will help you avoid taking a useless specialization and wasting your precious time, money and effort. Online medical degrees are a boon if you select them carefully.

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