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Is NYU study abroad one of the best exchange programs in the world?

I am about to start my final year in high school, and I hope to enter university in a foreign country, either Australia or Europe. I’ve heard about the NYU study abroad program, but I’m not sure how great the program is or how it works. Are there other great exchange programs that would give me the opportunity to study in Australia? Which top universities in Europe are in partnership with the NYU program? I’m looking for a program that is affordable too.

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

Kevin Sutter on April 11, 2018

New York University Study Abroad is a program run by the university that allows students in the college to attend other colleges around the world which are an affiliate to the study abroad program. It also allows students from within those countries to join the study abroad program through their respective universities in various parts of the world, provided they are affiliated to NYU. In your case, you may choose to enroll in New York University directly and then choose a global location if you don’t want to learn in New York. Or you may enroll in a different universities which have an affiliate NYU program and then register for credit transfer from NYU.

NYU offers more than 14 global locations including Abu Dhabi, Melbourne, Prague, Accra, Tel Aviv and Shanghai among others. If you want to go to Australia for study as an NYU alumnus, NYU Sydney is a great place to start. While you may attend here, the only problem, as with most other campuses in the program, is the fact that it only offers a very limited array of programs. In this case, you may only be able to learn courses related to art and culture. This poses a problem for local students who may want to attend NYU directly but learn different courses. You’ll find more international students who want to study courses like Aboriginal Art and Culture and have taken the exchange program.

For you, I’d suggest first zeroing in the course(s) that you’d like to do. Then go to the NYU website to find if these courses are available and then see what campuses offer them. If you find a course that you’d like and see it being offered in one of the campuses which is a part of NYU Study Abroad, you can proceed to make your application. There are also NYU-affiliated universities that are top in Europe. Some include NYU Berlin, Paris, London, Madrid and Florence. As to whether it is one of the best exchange programs in the world, I wouldn’t be sure, but reading different reviews is always a good way to rate a program before you get there. The fact that there is an only limited number of courses that are offered in some campuses makes it a lot less appealing to me, but then again it is an exchange program. Think of what you’d like in the program first.

Larry Warrena year ago

If you choose to study in Australia as an international student, there is a variety of options such as the University of Melbourne, Edith Cowan, and Australia National University. However, if you are strictly interested in an NYU course, you’re only limited to NYU Sydney, which has very little breadth in its study program. All the same, you could apply to NYU and then subsequently transfer to one of its campuses later. Most students who go for the NYU abroad program usually enroll in the main campus and then go for a semester or two in affiliate campuses around the world as part of the exchange program.

You should think about the cost of attendance. If you go to a location near home, you could probably cut down significantly on the travel cost. Also, consider the languages and cultures which appeal to you most before deciding what is most suitable.

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