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Is Mathway a good app?

Mathematics has always been the most difficult subject for me. I dread all my math homework assignments and I never perform well in mathematics. I have tried getting HW help online but it is too expensive for me. My classmates have recommended Mathway as a great alternative to getting online homework help. I have never heard of the app so I am not sure if it is the answer to my problems. Will this app help me learn Mathematics and give me help with algebra problems? Can I improve by solely relying on this application?

Kristi Hammond

in Homework Help

1 answer

1 answer

Ramon Kelly on March 6, 2018

You are not alone. A lot of students are not good at math. Like you, most students seek online help with HW but it doesn’t work either due to the price or ineffectiveness of the classes. If you are in need of effective algebra problems help, Math way is the way to go. This is an incredible app that can solve even the most difficult math problems for you.

This app solves all your math problems in a matter of minutes and provides you with a step by step explanation of how they arrived at the answer. This is very important because it enables you to learn how to solve the math problems that challenge you. The other great thing about this app is that you do not always have to input the math problem in the app. you have the option of taking a picture of the problem using the app and it will solve the problem for you.  It is a personal tutor that you can access any time of the day or night at no cost.

This application covers a number of Match topics. These include; graphing, chemistry, finite math, linear algebra, statistics, calculus, pre-calculus, trigonometry, pre-algebra and basic mathematics among others.

One thing you might not like about this app is the fact that you have to have a subscription so that you can see how the math problems were solved. This can be a disadvantage especially if you need to use the app to complete your homework because you will not be able to explain how you arrived at the answer. On the bright side, it is not very expensive to subscribe to this service. You can choose a yearly subscription which only requires you to pay once and access the service any time you wish. However, if you simply need the application to solve quick mathematical problems and you really do not care how the app arrived at the answer, you do not have to subscribe to anything. The free features are all you need.

I would say that Mathway is a great app for anyone who is not great at Math. This app will make work easier for you by solving all your algebra and other math problems for you. It can be used by both students and adults who have to deal with mathematical problems at their place of work. You will be glad you chose this app.

Kayla Bowen2 years ago

I wouldn’t advise any student to use Mathway. I say this because, first of all, this app encourages cheating. The reason teachers give homework is so that their students can practice and develop their skills and knowledge of the subject. With this app in hand, a student will not go through the trouble of doing the math problems because he or she can have the app solve the problem in less time. There is also no way of assessing whether or not you are doing better in Math with this app. This is because it only provides answers. There is a great chance that most students do not even go through the steps of finding the solution because what most students want is to get the answer and get done with their assignments. Instead of using this app, it would be better for students to get math tutoring. They are more likely to improve with expert tutoring.

Noel Byrda year ago

I’m about to finish high school and it’s a pity I didn’t hear about that Mathway app before. It could have helped me get good grades instead of the bad ones that I continuously get in math. I’ll try it because I’m sure it’ll be of help when I get into college and need help with algebra problems. I’ve tried other apps but they just give the result of the problems and I need the explanation to understand how to get to that result. Well, I’ll have to pay the subscription because the free feature won’t help me much.  

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