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Is long distance learning as effective as actually going to campus?

I’m currently stuck between two options: going to campus as all my friends do or opting for online distance education. I never imagined that it would be so hard to choose which way to go. I’d like to study arts and am not sure distance learning programs suit this direction. I, myself, can see a few advantages that come with long distance learning, but the main question is whether they are as effective. I’d like to get the same knowledge and experience as I would at the campus. Is that possible?

Dana Keller

in Higher Education

1 answer

1 answer

Bethany Evans on February 2, 2018

I wouldn’t say that any long distance learning program is as good as studying on-site. However, if you find a good university that offers a quality online curriculum and pays it as much attention as the other classes, you won’t regret.

Besides, if you still not sure about online classes, there are many universities that offer a combined program meaning that you can switch between online and offline studying. Distance in learning is not always a good thing. Besides, you should know that most long-distance lessons are held in a virtual classroom where your group gathers and interacts as if you were face to face. Thus, you get the whole “campus” experience without the need of going anywhere. While your curriculum remains the same, you get more flexibility with your tasks and your time in general. The best thing is that you can access your lesson anywhere through your tablet, laptop, or phone. In addition, all services that can help you in your studies, like a library, can be viewed on your computer as well.

It also depends on the future you are planning for yourself. Are you going to find a work or you’ll be busy doing something time-consuming? Then the answer is clear – the online long-distance education is for you. I wouldn’t worry about choosing this type of classes for arts; there are many other fields that are harder to study remotely.

Of course, I would lie to you if I said that it was all so simple. There are also those sides that are less pleasant. Of course, it depends on a person, but many students lack the face-to-face communication. If you are going to sit at home all the time, you will lack proper communication and laughing with peers.

In addition, I think that online long-distance education are not for the lazybones. If you lack self-discipline, your homework will pile somewhere in the long-forgotten folder on your computer until it’s too late.

Wilson Hansen2 years ago

I think that online distance education is great. The opportunities are limitless. Besides, to answer your claim that “not any long-distance learning program is as good as studying on-site,” I’d like to say that some offline programs are even worth. You cannot judge the whole higher education in the country by those few leading universities that provide quality curriculums. There are so many “poor excuses” for colleges that only waste your years without giving any useful knowledge that you would be surprised. At least, online courses list their full programs so you can see whether it suits you or not.

As a matter of fact, if you find some courses that give you certificates, you can apply for a position you like even without a university diploma. Many private companies do not even look at those. I think that open online courses are a decent modern alternative that will only become more popular in time.

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