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Is John Dewey High School Shutting Down?

Kyle Mckinney

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1 answer

Amanda Johnson on January 25, 2018

Date= 1/1/2011 We, the students and parents of John Dewey high School had already been informed that John Dewey high School because they do not stay in the "Abandonment" of the school of libraryt or is closing down, I am currently a freshman in John Dewey high School, and also you want to transfer to a better school [Midwood/Murrow/Goldstein] The School is facing a lot of problems, which includes the permanent scanner rule, We don't have all the equipment for the sports, the budget was low, so we have a lot of non-extended days, and what they mean by *closing of the school* was that this school will no longer be in high School Directory book, where 8th graders applied for high schools, so that if this school were to close they have to wait for us freshmen to graduate to "totally" close down the school. During a period of time, the people of the departments of education would come in and look at the environment of the school, I am in class 144 and because he was an outstanding academic class, They liked our class. But since now that is not closing, for those of you who are incoming freshman and it was not his desire of high school and want to transfer, it's going to be difficult; I learned that last year, a total of 150 students want to transfer, unfortunately, only 5 was able to (This information is not very reliable, please remain calm) So If you have in John Dewey High, don't get your hopes up too much in the transfer. Try to join clubs so that gives you service credits, (I am currently in Key Club and will be going for the president position) And try to concentrate on the study, because the halls are usually full of people who are cutting. The Good news is that we are going to have sports this year, because not close, who also have about 15 AP Courses for those of you who want to go beyond their usual studies, and From John Dewey high School is not a competitive high School as the SPECIALIZED high SCHOOLS THAT INCLUDES: Stuyvesant or Bronx Science etc, You have a higher chance of entering prestigious universities. Still hoping that you and I transfers, if not I'm going Farewell! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I am a student of second year now! John Dewey is, apparently, improving step by step, The state came to visit a lot more of a consecutive way. Dewey offers many AP Classes (College board advanced Placement) I am currently in grade 10 World History advanced Placement, And became the President of Key Club and Vice-president of a team environment, in My opinion had not been altered with respect to my goals. Apparently, the Members of the Faculty tried to change some regulations in the school, So the result was that there will be no grade reversals of meaning if not a course, the average will remain the same in his transcription. So this can be a terrible strait for the people who do not attend classes. Despite the fact that it is not my concern...... I AM STILL STRUGGLING FOR THE SUCCESS, I WOULD LIKE TO ATTEND THE BEST UNIVERSITIES IN THE NATION. Sincerely, Lauren

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