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Is ITT online learning a bad school?

ITT online learning is the subject of harsh reviews from every corner of the Internet. However, I have a cousin who has benefited from free online engineering courses offered by ITT. They have helped him get a professional license to practice and even get a promotion at work.

These conflicting viewpoints have put me in a quite a dilemma. The reason for my predicament is my desire to pursue online technology courses, and this institution is the only one offering courses that interest me. Is ITT that bad or are these online reviews malicious?

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on April 18, 2018

I can relate to your situation quite well. Barely a year ago, I came across similar reviews that tarnished the name of ITT. From ITT on-campus courses to online learning at ITT, none were spared from negative reviews.

However, my friend insisted that it was an excellent institution, and so I joined. I am now studying at ITT, and I must admit it is an outstanding educational institution. I found out that the negative online comments about this place were not the real depiction of this remarkable school.

Excellent facilities, accredited courses (both on-campus programs and online courses in technology), qualified staff, and so forth are some of the fantastic things you enjoy at ITT. Despite being an on-campus student, I guarantee that the online learning here is top-notch. I say this with conviction since I am familiar with the fact that the online courses are videotaped sessions of the informative real-life classroom sessions here.

In addition to these, the online students get all the relevant materials that will facilitate their study. These include video tutorials, audios, softcopy reading materials, and so on.

Before transferring here, I had undertaken a free online engineering course from a reputable MOOC. However, this mode of the study meant that I could not gain the valuable practical knowledge and skills that are necessary for this type of occupation.

Thus, from the persuasion of my father, I came to ITT, and I must admit this was the best decision ever. I was able to infuse what I learned online with on-campus learning. In turn, this informed my decision to specialize in automation and robotics (electrical engineering field).

Regarding curriculum, ITT tech provides a specialty field (ET or IT) which is a competitive curriculum that is recognized by all universities and educational institutions. This curriculum is yet another reason for you to join ITT.

ITT programs are to help you advance in your field of study. Each program caters to a specific occupational area. ITT has been quite helpful in making me comprehend the careers in my field of study. I am now conversant with many opportunities I can take up after graduating.

Furthermore, I am now familiar with the companies that hire ITT graduates. All this information, I have learned while here.

Do not believe any negative comments you read on the Internet even if the writers claim to be ITT staff!

Kurt Price2 years ago

The last sentence pretty much sums up everything. Just because something is on the Internet, it does not mean it is true. People are malicious and can pretend to be influential people associated with ITT online learning, and use this to provide negative information for reasons best understood by them.

You should try to avoid using the Internet as a basis for making your life decisions. I highly propose that you schedule a trip down to an ITT campus and get all your doubts cleared by getting information directly from the horse’s mouthy.

Studying is an essential part of your life, and I believe it is only right if you got the correct information on a matter of such magnitude from a believable source. We live in a wretched world, and it is quite unfortunate that people are even paid to make such negative accusations.

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