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Is it worth it to become an exchange student?

I want to know how it feels to become an exchange student in another country. I would appreciate it if someone shed some light on what it is like to be a study abroad japan student. What I mean is if it is really worth it to enroll in an exchange program. What perks are involved in a student studying as an exchange student in Japan? I want to know the accommodation I will get in Japan. Are they hospitable when hosting a foreign exchange student? These are things that I wish to put into consideration before I can enroll in an exchange program.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

1 answer

Ramon Kelly on January 25, 2018

If your opinion on whether it is worth it or not worth it will depend on whether it is easy or hard to be an exchange program student, then it is likely that you will see it as unworthy. But are things that are worthy easy to come by? In the international exchange community an exchange is a life in a year rather than a year in a person’s life. When returning home, students are more mature having stayed for so long outside their comfort zone without the cushion of friends and family. One gets a better understanding of what the host nation is all about. You understand the diverse culture and similarities in the host country more comprehensively than what you see on the media.

There is a considerable anecdotal evidence that being a japan study abroad student or any other country for that matter, helps you in your career development. Having an exchange experience in your resume will make you stand out of the crowd while applying to job positions. It takescourage to decide to take a year of academics or even a semester abroad. when applying for job positions or when applying for higher education, the admission personnel will surely note you for a student or person who has went an extra mile in trying to understand the global landscape. Exchange program experience shows someone who has the willingness to attempt new things, readiness to deal with the unexpected and eagerness to learn that which is beyond the class text.

I had an exchange experience living abroad as a study abroad student. The country is great in accommodating a foreign exchange student. Everything was absolutely wonderful and I had a lot to learn from my stay in the country. One of the hardest things one has to cope with is that you miss home a lot. Once you start life in another country even if for a semester or a year, you will miss everything. Even if many people surround you and the feeling is great, the feeling of being far from home is still at the back of your mind. It is this feeling that makes you realize how important family is. Learning how accept another people’s culture is also a challenge that one has to deal with. I suggest that you should stick to the principles that are most valuable to you while changing those that could be improved.

Charles McAleara year ago

Being an exchange student will be hard most especially at the start. All alterations are hard, but what’s important is they are essential in building character. Most importantly, having an international experience helps us appreciate what we have back in our countries. I have always considered the exchange program that I participated in as a purely life-transforming experience. We need to realize that moments do not last forever and we need to see the importance of making the most out of things that are at our disposal when we have them. It will be an amazing experience to have stayed in a foreign nation for some time; academic year or a semester. Remember, most students do not have a chance to take part in an exchange program and write the experience in their resumes, but you have the chance to do this. I suggest that you take charge of this opportunity.

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