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Is it worth considering study abroad programs?

Having studied in America for my elementary, middle and high school education, I find it interesting to continue with the American school system for my higher education. However, my parents, relatives, and friends have been advising me to consider study abroad programs for my college education. I have always desired to pursue the medical profession, and I feel American institutions will be good for me. I am not sure if choosing to study in Japan or joining one of the top universities in Australia would be the best decision to make. Is it worth to consider study abroad scholarships for my college education?

Alexa Spicer

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1 answer

1 answer

Ramon Kelly on April 4, 2018

If you desire to build your confidence in relation to your career, make a difference in your society and have a professional command through knowledge and experience, then considering studying abroad programs is the best option for you. I have interacted with most of the students who chose to study abroad, and I can see a difference in their undertakings, experiences, and knowledge pertaining to their professions. While I thought to study in my own country was the best thing I could do, my colleagues had discovered the secret of rising above the societal expectations regarding education. I had a strong desire to take technological courses, and I knew the best place to help me get the required vocational training was my country. Lucky enough, I did some research pertaining the study abroad scholarships and other programs and realized studying in Japan for technology related courses is the best decision one would make. As a result, I did my masters program in one of the best universities in Japan. I can never regret having changed my mind to study abroad. I always help young people with a desire to pursue education to realize the importance of searching for the best institution that would offer exceptional vocational training.

I may not have a lot of information concerning the medical field. However, I know that the Monash University is a top university in Australia, which offers excellent training in medical related courses. I have friends who enrolled in this institution, and they never complained. I could always hear them praising the new technological advancements that Australia devised for the medical training. If I were to help my children get the best medical training, I would definitely consider Australia for the same. Studying abroad is not only beneficial for your academic advancements, but it helps you to develop as an individual. My experience in Japan is always memorable because of the adventures and wonderful opportunities I had there. Interacting with the lecturers and classmates in a foreign country was the most interesting thing I have ever experienced. I learned many life lessons through my interaction with them. I believe pursuing education is not just about getting the best training. Enjoying the diversity in the new place is also worthwhile. It offers a unique kind of experiential learning that boosts knowledge about life, people, and profession.

Jordan Sotoa year ago

I agree with the fact that study abroad programs are worth pursuing. Due to the rich experiences that one is likely to have in the countries they choose to study, many people compete for opportunities to study abroad. In fact, having a chance to pursue your education through the study abroad scholarships is a rare opportunity that you cannot afford to waste. My passion for cultural studies is the reason why I chose to study abroad. Through this, I learned new things concerning the culture of the people I met there, learned a new language, and created strong professional networks. All these have always worked to my advancement in my career. Studying abroad is worth because of the many benefits it brings one’s way. I can never get enough of advising people to seek for opportunities to study abroad and develop their careers through a new experience. The diversity the world holds is interesting, and without pursuing opportunities such as study abroad, you may never know the beauty it portrays.

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