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Is it true that the ciee study abroad program is an old program?

In a few months I’ll start my last year in high school and my family is already considering that it’ll be a good idea for me to take a gap year to study abroad to live an international experience before I get into college. A friend of my parents talked to them about some ciee study abroad program that he took when he was young and that he recommended because he liked a lot. I might be interested in some schools in Australia or universities in uk.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on May 11, 2018

It is definitely true. What we know now as the CIEE (Council On International Educational Exchange) was actually founded in the U.S. in 1947 as the Council on Student Travel. Its creation goes back to the years after World War II, when other international organizations were also created to promote peace and respect between nations through students and teachers exchange programs. In its first year of existence, more than 30 member organizations participated, mainly U.S. cultural and nonprofits agencies committed to supporting students who aimed to go to Europe to study.

The CIEE program to study abroad offers a wide range of courses to take in the country and at the college or university of choice of the student ( ). Moreover, CIEE also offers programs for high school students to take abroad. For example, it is possible for applicants to study one semester or the whole school year in Australian schools, as it is possible for international students to take one of the CIEE USA high school exchange programs.

The advantage of choosing a program to study abroad from an organization such as CIEE is its long tradition and experience in the field, which is a guarantee of educational quality and personal safety for students and their families.

Additionally, CIEE offers the opportunity to experience an international internship semester in an English-speaking organization to get hands-on knowledge in a career or industry of your interest and it also offers short courses, as other organizations do. You can find CIEE summer abroad courses, to go for instance to universities in the United Kingdom.

But since you are taking a gap year, longer programs may appeal more to you, such as the language and culture semester or year. Even if right now you cannot see its benefits, studying abroad will be an experience that will make you see the world under a new light.

CIEE exchange programs for high school students are created to encourage people since they are very young to exchange their ideas and experiences. Actually, all CIEE study abroad programs aim to create opportunities to bring people together to develop understanding and mutual respect between communities and nations. For CIEE, communication is a skill that can make not only good students but also responsible global citizens. CIEE sees education as a global process and offers programs for students, teachers and young professionals from all over the world. 

Cynthia Bakera year ago

My friend went to a nice high school in Australia in one of the long study abroad programs and he was very happy about the year that he spent there. So happy that he wanted to study abroad again for a gap year after he finished high school and he chose Ciee to take some pre-college courses.

I think that we should all live a cultural exchange at least once in our lives to understand the cultural richness of our world and see differences in a positive way. It’d make us respectful, peaceful and happier.

We’re now in college and my friend wants to travel again in a Ciee language program or in an internship program that we could take together. But we’re also thinking about one of the programs of volunteer work that can make us grow not only intellectually but also as a person in our modern society. 

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