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Is it reliable to use math help apps like Mathematica solve for students who need urgent help with math?

I am trying to help my son with math as he is having a lot of problems with solving math equations and problems. I am looking for a website or an application that can provide math questions with answers or algebra homework answers so that I can explain math to him. A friend of mine has recommended Mathematica solve but I am not sure it is the best homework doer that I can use.

Samantha Stevenson

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1 answer

1 answer

Blair Lewis on January 19, 2018

Hello! I am an engineering student and I have been using Wolfram Mathematica to solve math problems for a long time. It has really been helpful to me during different school and university work through the last 5 years of my life. It is a very reliable application as it provides answers and explanations for almost all math equations, and it can solve complicated math problems and equations step-by- step as well. For a single dad, I think it could be one of your best available options online as it will help you understand what math is all about so that you can explain it to your son later on. When I was a school student, math was not my favorite subject as well, that is why I was always seeking someone who can really explain it for me in a simple and a logical way because that is what math is all about - logic. I can assure you that if your son starts to understand it logically, then he won’t be needing any help from any one anymore as he can keep studying it just by himself. Mathematica also has a very simple and friendly interface that is comfortable to use, and there are many YouTube videos that can show you how to use it for different educational purposes. It can also help you with many other subjects other than just math. You can now use the online desktop version instead of downloading and installing the software, which enables you to use it from anywhere as long as you have internet access. You can then teach your son how to use it so it can be like a homework math doer for him when he has too much homework, but I do not really recommend that, as he should not solely depend on it on solving his homework. There are also many other websites and apps on the internet that provide different math questions or equations with answers that you can use to help your son with his homework. If you are willing to pay a small fee for an experienced professor or a university student to help you with understanding math, you can always use a website like Studypool. By using it, you can hire an experienced professional who can explain to you how to solve your specified tasks in detail and can provide you with algebra and geometry homework answers or written articles in many subjects as well.

Kurt Price2 years ago

 I have found that the best way to help my son understand math, is by making him love it. I do not think that you should use complicated software or pay some people to help you with math as long as you can just know about everything through YouTube. You can find different explained algebra homework answers on there that can definitely help you understand what Algebra or math is all about. In addition, you should show your son how to search for the answer himself on there so that he can see how professional teachers explain math tasks in a simple and easy manner. By filtering the videos, you can get a list of the most viewed videos from the best teachers worldwide who can really explain math in a fun and easy way that will help your son understand how to solve the tasks instead of just getting the results through computer software.

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