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Is it possible to take free online high school classes?

I know that there are postgraduate courses to get a degree on the internet. But what about secondary school lessons? I started high school but I couldn’t finish it. Since I started to work I haven’t stopped but I think about going back to school to finish my secondary studies. If there are free online high school classes I could take them at home after work. It’d be perfect for me. I need a good online english class too. I’ve already taken some english online classes and I liked them.

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

1 answer

Tara Andrews on September 10, 2018

Online lessons certainly cover all the levels of education. Online postgraduate courses are often sought as a solution for people who are already active in the job market and cannot attend regular classes on campus, but who wish to follow their higher studies at their own pace. However, it is also possible to find online vocabulary activities for children in kindergarten, online primary school lessons in all the regular subjects and, yes, also online classes corresponding to secondary school subjects.

Although it is indeed possible to find and take online free high school classes, they are not free everywhere. You can ask at your nearest public library about high school diploma programs. Some institutions have partnered with public libraries in about 35 states to offer high school classes for free or at a low fee for adults to be able to complete their secondary studies and get a high school certification (

When searching for online high school classes, make sure that they are offered by state-approved organizations. Choose your online high school diploma program very carefully to make sure it is genuine. You can register at an online high school in the state where you live or in another state, in any case you will need to pay a fee. After you complete all your classes, you will receive a diploma recognized by the state where it was issued.

Take into account that online high school diploma programs can be different. All of them provide online courses and grant a high school diploma, but each site offers a different preparation for students. Keep this in mind to choose the program that suits you best according to the studies or the degree that you want to pursue.

Online English classes, as well as other high school subjects such as science, mathematics and social sciences, are offered to students for free on the EdX platform ( These high-quality courses usually have a short length and can supplement your high school regular studies and help you prepare for exams. If you wish, you can purchase a certificate corresponding to the course that you took, provided that you completed all your classes and passed a final exam.
Since you are familiar with online lessons, you know that besides English classes online, you can have interactive activities with your teacher and classmates. Remember that you will be expected to complete your schoolwork timely (

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