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Is it possible to take free online computer courses?

I’ve been interested in information technology since I was a child. I’ve read all the articles that I’ve found about it and I’m subscribed to several magazines about it. I want to take free online computer courses to learn more in a more organized way. I know that there are IT online courses with certifications from important IT online colleges and I’m sure they’re great, but they’re very expensive and I’m finishing high school and have only a small job. That’s why I need free online computer courses with certificate.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on June 5, 2018

Identifying your abilities and skills is not always easy. Some people need to take vocational tests to discover what the best career for them is. If you have found your motivation, follow it, it will increase your odds of professional success. Make every effort to deepen your knowledge and develop your skills to take full advantage of your motivation.

We can find a large number of educational tools on the internet today, including sites that offer free and pay courses in a huge variety of subjects. The usual requirements for most of them are a computer and an internet connection. Yes, you can take a free online computer course. It is a highly popular field and you will find many courses related to it.

You only need to choose the IT online course that you want from the list proposed by distance learning centers websites according to the level or difficulty, length, contents of the course that you consider that fits you better. The edX site can be useful to you, because of the wide range of courses related to information technology that it offers (

On that site, you can find courses from an IT online college or institution that are credit-eligible. Those courses are indeed great and free. They are about fields like IT management, network security and cloud computing. Furthermore, they can be useful if you decide to enroll in college later. They are a good way to start earning college credits early on the subject that you like.

Higher studies are worth investing in. An IT professional can get an average salary of nearly $80,000 per year and IT career opportunities are expected to increase by 12% by 2024. If IT is your passion, keep learning about it and do not get discouraged by the cost of your studies.

Loving what you do is the first step to advance in the direction that you want. The knowledge and skills that you already have will undoubtedly help you to get a scholarship for the college of your choice. Contact it to get details about the scholarships or financial aid that it offers.

Although your free online computer course with certificate may not be completely free because you need to purchase the certificate, it is often possible to choose the type of certificate and you can buy the less expensive one. It is recognized as a course taken on campus. 

Nicholas Riveraa year ago

It’s very practical to take online courses to learn about IT instead of going to a campus because you can study directly in your workplace or at home, which is often your workplace too. I took many IT online courses that I found on different sites and they were from different institutions. I was always very satisfied with those courses. I learned something new each time and they helped me practice what I had already learned. I got some certifications but honestly, I wasn’t looking for them at first. I didn’t want to collect credits or diplomas. At the beginning, all I wanted was to learn about information technology. And all I can say is those courses helped me a lot. Of course, you need to organize your time and commit to each course if you really want to learn, as you do on campus. Otherwise, this system doesn’t work. 

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