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Is it hard to get Citizens Bank student loans?

I’m looking for private loans for college. I’ve heard that Citizens Bank is one of the most reliable lenders. Am I right? If that is so, I wonder how hard it is to get Citizens Bank student loans.

If not getting a new loan there, does Citizens Bank consolidate federal student loans? I already have a loan and would like to lower interest rates. I’ve heard it can be done by consolidation.  Any advice you can give me will be truly appreciated. Especially tips on how to pay off student loans. I’m still a beginner in all of it.

Naomi Doyle

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1 answer

1 answer

Aaron Lee on April 3, 2018

Yes, Citizens Bank has great reputation and believed to be a reliable choice when it comes to loans. When you cannot a federal one, you go to this company. A Citizens Bank student loan can be a real competitor to the federal offers. Interest rates that this company works with are rather low in comparison with other private student loan lenders. The repayments schedules are flexible meaning that you can alter them to suit your financial situation. This bank will gladly allow some changes that aren’t too drastic. I know people who work with Citizens and they are always eager to help. It is their corporate policy.

Choosing this bank for a private college loan has many benefits. Let’s start with the fact that it offers multi-year approval. This is a really effective approach. You don’t need to apply for money every year. You can just do it ones and enjoy it for the next four years. It saves a lot of time.

Then, there are competitive interest rate and flexible schedules that I’ve already mentioned. A pleasant bonus is that once you sign an agreement, you won’t be charged any extra money either for services and paying ahead of schedule.

If you make at least 36 payments, the bank will release your co-signer. This function is not necessary for everybody, but some people find it very useful.

Citizens Bank also consolidates federal student loans. Moreover, you can combine private and federal ones as well. As far as I understand, you don’t have any other private borrowings, so, this is also unnecessary for you. Citizen Bank loan rates allow you to save quite a sum of money if you have a not-so-great plan.

I don’t know what exactly to tell you about repayment. I think that this bank will teach you how to pay off a student loan. At least, you’ll know how to do it correctly. I’m not sure about finding exciting loopholes—this is a question for your acquaintances. I only know what they’ve taught me in my bank. Unfortunately, there are no secrets to it. They tell you the sum, you go and pay it. Voila.

You can read Citizens Bank student loan reviews to find interesting tips as well. People often discuss their programs and share their thought on them. I’m sure blogs and forums are full of student loan tips.

Jordan Soto2 years ago

Refinancing by Citizens Bank is the best. I’d been looking for decent offers for a few months before I decided to follow the most widespread choice and go to this establishment. I’m glad that they agreed to help me. Now, I know that my money is not wasted. I saved quite a sum and now can breathe easier.

You can choose either fixed or variable rates that remain low in any case. I asked for a personalized repayment schedule and the bank agreed. I’m happy with my choice.

To apply for private or federal student loan consolidation, you just need your income information, state ID number, social security number, billing statements for the currents loan, and your contact information. This is a standard set of documents and requirements. There is no need to run around the place gathering necessary papers when everything is done quickly and by the bank personnel.

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