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Is it hard to get a Harvard University online degree?

As every teenager who worries about their future, I would like to attend a good university to get knowledge, skills, and prospects. Unfortunately, due to some personal issues, I cannot fulfill my dream and have to choose between skipping a few years and resorting to the Harvard University online degree.

I really think that an online degree is better than nothing. And I would like to attend the best university at least online. Why not? I’ve searched its website and found many interesting programs to choose from. I’d like to apply for the law courses online. Do any of you know whether it’s hard to get a degree there via distance learning? Do you have any experience with online law classes?

Megan Page

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1 answer

Kaitlin Dean on February 12, 2018

Well, it’s Harvard you are aiming for—the best of the best. Everything there is relatively hard. The competition is great and the courses are intense, no matter what schedule you choose. If you are sure that you can get into Harvard, then you’ll have no problem getting your degree online. Of course, you have to have a great self-discipline and persistence. Besides, if you choose an online law class, you are bound to face a few milestones on your way. This course is always hard and demanding.

If you worry that it’ll be hard for you to study because you’ll have to do everything yourself, don’t worry. Harvard professors gladly help their remote students. Well, it also depends on a person, but we are talking about the majority. Moreover, the classes are held in the “web-conference rooms” that imitate the standard process. All assignment deadlines and exams schedules are posted beforehand so you have plenty of time to get prepared. As far as I know, there is also a kind of classes that are held on campus but are streamed to the remote students. If you miss it, a record will be available for some time.

There is no real difference in the way professors treat their students. It is allowed to choose a schedule that suits you best. So, teachers respect your choice and help you the way they can. Correspondingly, they’ll show you no leniency only because you cannot immerse into studying as fully as the others.

As for your subject of choice, I’m sure that nobody doubts that Harvard produces successful and prospective alumni. Working hard on your studies, you can become one of them even sitting at home all the time. Its online courses in law or any other subject are no worse than the regular ones.

I, of course, don’t know the details of the situation that prevents you from attending a university, but I would suggest you browse this page of the university’s official website  It lists all types of learning schedules that you can choose. I have to say, Harvard is very liberal about its programs. I wish I had the same choice in my alma mater. But you are given an amazing opportunity. You can attend some classes in person and others virtually. There are many details to each type of “hybrid” learning, as well as some technical requirements for video conferences, but they require nothing special. You can find some small details following the link I’ve given you.

I can write pages about how great a university Harvard is and how good Harvard University online degrees are, but they are still demanding. You can reach your goal; you just have to believe in yourself.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

Well, I don’t quite agree with all this “you can become one of them even sitting at home all the time.” No, no, no! I’ve told this to numerous people before you and will stick to my opinion. If you want to be as good as all those successful alumni that wear their university’s name like a badge of honor, you have to be around them. What I’m trying to say is that just by sitting at home all the time, you won’t get that skills and experience that will help you climb the career ladder. The knowledge that you get from the books and those video lessons is “dry.” You need a lot of practice to substantiate it that hardly any online courses in law or something else can provide.

And, at last, comes one of the most important benefits of going to campus– connections. Unfortunately, nowadays, you have to have at least some connections to make a prosperous career.

So, I strongly advise you to look through that list of the offered schedules and create such timetable that will allow you to attend the university at least sometimes. Reconsider your choice of the full online Harvard courses.

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