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Is it hard for immigrant students to get a visa?

I’m highly concerned about the struggles of immigrant students. Is it hard to get a visa for your studies? As a future foreign student myself, I have many questions on the topic. Does immigration student visa allow you to work? Or, maybe, you can work at least on campus? I know that the US student visa application may take a long time. Is it the same with all countries? What kinds of student visa sponsorship are available?

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Heather Maxwell on April 23, 2018

Immigrant student visas may be not easy to get, but if you have an acceptance letter to a solid establishment, I don’t think you will have major problems. The whole issue largely depends on the country you are going to visit. Do you know that some countries don’t have visas per se but work with other kinds of official permits? You have to study each country separately. If you want to make your choice based on the process of getting a visa, you’ll only waste great opportunities. I don’t think that a couple of extra weeks of waiting or a few extra documents are worth it. Firstly, choose the destination. Then, make everything possible to get there.

The process of application for a US student visa is long. Most countries require a long wait. You better start the whole thing at least four-three months beforehand. The whole process does not so much time if you compare it to other countries. This is an average period of time you have to wait. Most countries follow the same schedule. It is always recommended to consult an embassy before gathering all papers. You should at least check its official website.

Once you are accepted by a university, it will send you a document or a form of some kind proving your eligibility to apply for a visa. If we are talking about studying abroad in the USA, it is the Form I-20 for an F or M visa. After you pay all your fees and fill in a required form, you are only left with the visit to an embassy. The wait may be long as there are always huge lines that you’ll have to wait.

As for an opportunity to work while study, most countries do not allow an official employment while you are visiting on a study visa. Although, some types allow you to work on campus and only part-time. Considering a limited number of jobs at any campus, you better think about this in advance and talk to the administration or some other personnel.

In general, migration student visa is not hard to get if you are accepted in an eligible establishment. Yes, it will take a lot of time but the effort is worth it. Just think about your dream to study abroad and getting a student visa will be a small price for you.

As for the sponsorship for student visa, this issue is a little bit more complicated and varies from case to case.

Jordan Sotoa year ago

I’d like to dwell on the topic of student visa sponsorship. Most countries allow other individuals and companies to sponsor a student. In any case, you have to meet other requirements. Your sponsor also has to be eligible. There is a set of conditions for them as well. They may either a part of your family, a friend or a specialized organization dealing with grants and financial aid.

All countries have their own requirements and you should check them on official websites. I’ve dealt with a New Zealand student visa. This country asks for sponsors to live there, be a citizen or resident for at least 3 years. I was lucky to be aided by a charity trust. Such organizations are also eligible.

Applying for a visa, in this case, requires more documents and time. Be sure to check all conditions and details on when and where sponsorship begins and ends.

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