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Is it hard being a teen mother like everyone says?

Dana Keller

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on September 15, 2019

I am a teen parent, im 18 years old and I am doing very well. there are a lot of struggles and it IS tough, but for these people who are saying that that is the worst thing in the world are acting ridiculous, yes, it is sucking that much because all their friends are drinking and having fun at the graduation and the new year, but it is not the end of the world!!!!!!!! I promise.. you might be pregnant at 17, but I bet that there are many, many, many people out there that have it worse than you. and, of course, you are going to be worse than that of a lot of people because of your situation, but keep your head up, there are a lot of people that love you that will help you maintain your spirits through this. a true friend will stay by your side through this, but don't let the fake fool you! there is financial aid and scholarships you will just have to get up and go for it! it's going to be difficult and almost everyone will give you a very difficult time. I promise.. but work hard in school and at work, pray hard, and praise god for all that he has given you. be honest with yourself and keep your self healthy for you and your child becuause it is not their fault that they took wrong decisions!

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