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Is it feasible for me to become a biology tutor?

Biology has always been my favorite subject. I’m told I even make it sort of interesting to normal people who aren’t as crazy about it as I am. Here in Louisville, I see all kinds of ads for tutoring jobs and services. They focus on math, English, and specific tests. Does this mean there’s no market for a biology tutor? Can top tutors really earn money by roaming through the country and studying what we observe? Could “fun” be considered a benefit of at home tutoring?

Samantha Stevenson

in Homework Help

1 answer

1 answer

Donald Ward on October 26, 2018

My short answer is yes. The Internet is full of ads specifically for biology tutors. Top rated tutoring companies are currently paying tutors who specialize in high school and college biology. Will this job market tighten as you finish your M.Ed. degree? Generally, science, technology, engineering, and math teachers are in demand. This could change. Will private tutors continue to be in demand? The market will probably tighten. The current demand for tutors has been created by the controversial “No Child Left Behind” mandate to supply top tutors for underserved students who live near failing public schools. Traditional teachers hope to upgrade those schools. Will your first job win you a reputation as a top tutor? That’s hard to say. A lot depends on you, but I believe that you will do your best and become a great tutor.

Nevertheless, if you really enjoy biology, teaching, and children, you’ll always have an advantage in the job market. Tutoring is not lucrative, but it’s respectable.

Tutoring at home still holds the potential to be a dream job, if you happen to find a congenial homeschooling family who can afford to pay you a living wage. A few people do.

Well reviewed tutoring services employ college students to help elementary and high school students finish homework and prepare for tests—entry-level work. Hanging out in a real or virtual schoolroom, you’d have as many opportunities to inspire kids to do serious biology projects as the kids would give you.

Larry Warren8 months ago

America should only be blessed with a few thousand more bio-enthusiasts like this one. I only wish I had children so I could hire this person as their biology tutor. And I totally agree that you should go ahead and get the experience of a tutor. I think that the most important for a tutor to love your subject and be passionate about it, then you can bring this passion to you students. If a student has a passion to do something, he or she will succeed in it. So don’t worry about anything, great employees always can find a good job. 

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