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Is it easy to get free grants for students in the UK?

I have heard a lot of things about student grants UK. One of the things that got my attention is the fact that it is not easy to get free grants in the UK. This was surprising and disappointing for me because I was hoping to take advantage of student grants 2017 to fund my college education. However, all the negative things I have been hearing about grants have prevented me from applying. But I would like to know whether the claims are true because a part of me still wants to try.

Kristi Hammond

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on February 19, 2018

Most people are of the opinion that there is nothing free in this world. Based on experience and what most of us have grown up hearing, we believe that if anyone offers you anything for free, they either expect you to pay for it or they want something from you. The situation gets even worse when it comes to money. Money is a sensitive topic for most people. A lot of people would not give you money for free unless you have worked for it. However, what most people fail to understand is the fact that it is very different when it comes to grants and scholarships. These are the two types of financial aid that are absolutely free. No one expects you to pay back the money when you complete your education. So, basically, there is nothing like a free grant because all government grants are offered for free.

The reason why most students are unable to take advantage of UK student grants is the fact that they do not know where to look or how to apply for these grants. As a result, most students end up missing the deadlines which results in the money laying around not being put to good use. The Northern Echo Article gives a great example of this. According to this article, there is a charitable foundation that was offering scholarships worth thousands of pounds but they did not receive even one application. The deadline for the applications passed and no student go the opportunity to receive the scholarships. From the article, it is evident that opportunities for student scholarships are not spread effectively. Even when students become aware of the opportunities available to them, they are directed in the wrong direction because most of them look for such funding opportunities on university websites. This might not pay off because most universities do not advertise scholarships and grants on their website.

Therefore, it is possible to get free money to finance your way through college. You only need to know where to look for these opportunities. For instance, if you are looking for 2017 student grants it would be better for you to search this term on search engines and identify government websites with the keyword. This gives you a better chance of identifying all the grants you can apply for and when the deadlines are as opposed to visiting a specific university website.

Emily Alexander2 years ago

I absolutely agree with this. There are plenty of financial aid opportunities available to students but most students are not aware. Since the government is offering free grants to students, they expect students to go the extra mile to find out how to apply for these grants. Do not listen to people who tell you there is no free money. They probably tried to apply and failed or they took advantage of the wrong opportunities. I would suggest you read up on various ways through which the government offers grants and who is eligible for this financial aid. Also, get to know the method of applications, deadlines and everything else pertaining to grants. With this information, you are more likely to identify a suitable grant for your needs. However, if you rely on what everyone else is saying, you might end up missing out on incredible opportunities that would have made your education journey smoother.

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