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Is it easy to get a visa to study in USA?

Sometimes when I am passionate about some things, I try all the ways possible to get it. I have a few unanswered questions. What is a student visa? Is that important that I must have to study where I want, what are the types of student visas? These questions are taking the better part of my day, I feel frustrated. I want to advance my studies, but I do not know how to get a student visa for USA. Is it easy to study in USA?

Amanda Johnson

in Study Abroad

1 answer

1 answer

Jennifer Patterson on August 27, 2018

I must acknowledge that I like your persistence depicted from the start of your questions. It is a motivation that few people have, they are very lucky because nothing is impossible for them. You have said that you always do what is possible to get what you want. That drive is enough to land you in the USA. You have all it takes to advance your studies from a country where many people dream to visit. I like how your passion is directed. You have a strong internal drive that you have directed to the right path.

I have worked with students for twenty years now; I have learned the student's motivation and behavior. Many learners, who have their motivation from outside end up failing to attain their goals, do not give up, with your drive; you will get anything that you need. How to get students visas for the USA is not a complicated venture. When you have the right documents it is easy. One thing that makes people miss their opportunity is lack of confidence. In all situations, keep your focus on what you want to achieve and forget about the distractions.

It is essential to understand what a student visa is to help you come to terms with the different student visa types. Before you can be allowed to study in a country, you need to have the right documentation that legally allows you to be in a particular country. In the USA, there are different visa types such as F1 Visa that are targeted for academic studies. They are for students attending English language or academic program. J1 Visa is for students who wish to take or are taking practical training. A program that is needed to complete a course but it is not available in the motherland. The USA also has the M1 visa that is for students who are attending the vocational school or a non- academic.

Students who wish to take studies in the USA can find one of the types that suit them and get their chance in one of the great nations. I know that with it, you can comfortably identify the type you want and apply for it. Remember that you are carrying your hope, no one may come in to assist you, but the information you have is the power you need. Use it to get to the level you want.

Roger Moore2 years ago

I am one of the individuals who do things because others are doing. I do not always have my plan. I can make a plan and fail to implement but I can follow someone's plan so well and achieve even better results with it. Sometimes it bothers me sometimes it does not. I do not know what I should do. I was thinking about advancing my studies as well. I had no clue where, when and how, but I had that in mind. Maybe I am more successful following people’s dream than having mine. I thank you for the information you have shared. I now know that it is possible to study in the USA. I am picking it up from here today and follow up to look for more information on how to apply for a chance. I will be joining the group of students who want to study in the USA. Thank you for giving me this information. 

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