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Is it easy to do a course withdrawal at college?

I’m reading about students’ life at college and I thought about course withdrawal. Just in case I needed it, I would like to know if there’s a course withdrawal form to be filled in and if you have a sample letter of withdrawal from a college course that I could use.

James Washington

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on August 13, 2018

Although we usually advise students to organize their education documents in advance to ease the process of applying to the universities of their choice before the admissions deadline, and once that they are admitted we recommend activities to increase their motivation to improve their grades, it is definitely useful to talk about some other practical aspects such as the withdrawal process.

The withdrawal from a course usually happens for reasons that the student cannot control and that force them to separate from their course before being able to complete it. There can be other reasons, such as student’s expectations that were not fulfilled by the subject teacher or by the course contents, administrative issues that prevent the student from getting financial support or health problems that stop the student from being able to follow their courses.

Each educational institution has its own withdrawal deadline and process and you will need to get in touch with them to find out the required steps to follow. Nevertheless, you can see an example of course withdrawal forms at . On that webpage, you can see a form from Southern Utah University that can be used to add as well as drop courses.

You will need to fill in a similar form provided by your college since it would be a mistake to stop going to class without informing your college that you want to withdraw from a course. The usual process of withdrawal involves filling in an Add/Drop Form and submitting it to the office of the Registrar to inform your university about your decision to stop participating in a course for which you were enrolled.

You can ask your academic advisor for sample letters of withdrawal from college course. However, something important to keep in mind before withdrawing from a course is that it is likely that you have to repay the financial aid that you received. Maybe not all but some of it, it will depend on your student status and on when in the semester you withdraw. Consult your financial aid counselor about it.

Charles McAleara year ago

It’s true that most students think about applying to get into college, but not so many think about the possibility of withdrawing from a course. But it’s something that you may need to do sometime. I know some of those course withdrawal forms because my younger brother had to fill them in when he was studying a subject that was too advanced for him. He had to withdraw from it, but he kept studying and the following semester he was very good at it. I think that if you feel that you need to withdraw from a course, you can do it but only to work harder on your own or with private tutoring to go back and excel in that subject later. Withdrawing should be a break from us, maybe to make us go a bit slower and focus more deeply on our studies. But we shouldn’t stop studying.  

Brian Warnera year ago

I’ve just submitted three applications to some colleges and universities and let me say that’s been a very boring process and I’m exhausted now. And I haven’t even started studying at any of them yet. I can’t think about a course withdrawal. Once that I get into my college, believe me: I’ll stay there. But I’ll take a look at that sample letter of withdrawal from college course, just to have an idea of what it looks like. I really hope that I will never have to use it.  

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