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Is it better to get an associates or a bachelor's degree in college?

William Cain

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1 answer

1 answer

Karen Wright on December 1, 2018

Depends on the person, their preference, costs, problems, career goals and objectives, etc, For many, a community college that offers associate degree programs, the environment is more community oriented, there is more one on one with the teachers, classrooms, and conference rooms are generally smaller, and the cost is much less expensive than the four-year institutions. The student, basically, you can cut the four year tuition cost in half, start at a community college. For other students in their career choice does not require more than an associates degree (at least to start). For example, nursing, computer science, civil engineering, engineering technology, interpreters for the deaf, paralegal studies, etc, it Just depends on the individuals personal needs, wants, and desires. However, with the way tuition continues to rise, the community college is a great place to start. If you do well at the community college, then you can transfer to the four-year institution of their choice. Just make sure that you keep in contact with the transfer counselor at the community college you attend.

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