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Is it always a good idea to opt for an adult school to seek education?

Would an adult literacy program assist in imparting adult ed? If yes, what are the pros and cons of following such a practice? Does it bring in any problems for the students, and do the adult learners go through a difficult time adhering to the standards and practices which are applicable within the Harvard continuing education format? Is it advisable to attend an adult school at all? Does it bring in any benefits for the education of the adult individuals and are the programs for adult literacy doing what they have been instituted for?

Naomi Doyle

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Bethany Evans on February 6, 2018

Adult schools act like nurseries for imparting education to the adult learners. Indeed, it is a good omen for all adult learners to find out about adult education and its different forms and means. There are a number of advantages related to having proper adult literacy programs in place. It allows the adult learners to seek something new from the related equations. One of the advantages is to create a bridge between the learners and the education seekers since the learners usually find it hard to cope with the advanced education. A school for adults therefore looks to pinpoint gray areas which are present in a literacy program for adult learners. The problems for these adult learners become minimized and they start getting acquainted with the newer forms of education for adults. This is a welcome relief for all the stakeholders of such literacy program. Also the problems usually stem from accepting that education for the sake of adults may not be necessary. This is usually not the case with the people associated with a literacy program dedicated to adult learners within a school setting.

The Harvard continuing ed format relies a great deal on imparting education for the adults. This is because it inculcates the value of adult learning on a consistent basis. The continuing education domain details the exact ways and means through which education for adult learners can be benefited. This helps such schools to grow and develop over a period of time. The need is to understand how these literacy programs devoted to adult learners can benefit more and more with the incorporation of the continuing education system under the aegis of Harvard which is in place. Schools for adults have therefore helped the adult learners a great deal by instituting such initiatives. The need of the hour is to educate the adult learners as much as possible through these literacy programs for adults. It is therefore always advisable to attend such a literacy program because it helps the learners gain valuable knowledge. The imparting of education for adults goes a long way in building the basis of learners, and assists them at the age that they are in. Schools for adults are the torchbearers for the society and are doing a great service overall. Education is both important and necessary for young ones as well as adult learners, and the literacy programs for adults facilitate everyone within the society. The manner under which these programs are drawing in education is appreciable. The role of these schools for adults similarly is a good gesture for the ones who have founded them.

Emily Alexander2 years ago

I am of the view that the answer relies a great deal on the role of adult schools in imparting adult education. The answer zeroes in on what is required as far as conducting adult literacy programs is concerned. The role of the Harvard continuing education has also been highlighted in the answer, which is an important yardstick for measuring education for the adult age group. However, the overall role played by these schools for adults is indeed a great one and this has been ably justified within the answer to the question. I believe that the due role of these schools has been properly taken care of, which suggests as a point of success for these literacy programs that are in place. Drawing in adult level education within this day and age is much required and any efforts made in this direction should always be appreciated. The credit for this definitely goes on to the shoulders of the people who have built up the schools for adult learners.

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