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Is it advisable to do online bachelor degree programs?

I am about to graduate from high school, and I am thinking of enrolling in an online degree program while still finding something productive to do. I understand that most degree programs have long waiting lists and I want to get my degree faster. Is it worth doing online bachelor degree programs? Where can I do online history degree? What are some of the benefits that I may get by doing my degree online? I would like to hear from someone who has ever enrolled in or familiar with online undergraduate degrees. Your responses will be highly appreciated.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Aaron Lee on March 13, 2018

I am a graduate of online bachelor degree program. Most of my friends discouraged me when I was applying for the program but were amazed when I secured a job using those certificates. However, one thing you need to do is to ensure that the school you are enrolling in has a good reputation. This means you have to do your research to establish universities that are recognized in providing online programs. Failure to do this may land you in serious troubles as you may find it challenging to secure jobs or getting a pay rise upon graduating.

When it comes to online history degrees, there are no challenges like those experienced in nursing courses as you don’t have to attend lab a lot. The lecturer just sends you the necessary materials that you need for your studies. Various benefits are associated with this mode of education. For instance, online studies are far much cheaper than school-based studies. You don’t incur costs such as transport and accommodation as you study from home. Online studies also allow one to choose a comfortable learning environment. Since you are studying from home, you won’t face challenges such as traffic jams or missing important family events to attend classes. You have the freedom to choose your dressing code and the best time to study. All that is required of you is to study and accomplish the various assignments on time.   

Enrolling in an online undergraduate degree is also associated with convenience and flexibility. As you study, you can choose the time of the day that is more comfortable for you. This allows you to pursue other things during the day. Online studies also let someone continue with the profession. For instance, if you are working, your education will not affect your working schedule. Whereas most students find it challenging to keep studying while still working, as far as online degrees are concerned, your working schedule goes on uninterrupted as you advance your knowledge.    

I didn’t know there were so many options when it came to online degrees until I enrolled in one. Ones you graduate from high school, know there are numerous of programs that you can pursue online. This means if you secure a job in a given area and develop an interest in it, there are high chances of landing an online program to help you advance your knowledge. Besides, through online studies, you can start from the certificate level and then go for a diploma up to any level of your choice. If you have a dream of pursuing an online degree, go on and do it as there are just so many benefits.

Kurt Price2 years ago

Although online bachelor degree programs have continued to gain popularity, it is essential to know that their dependability has become an issue too. There are many places that don’t accept online degree holders when hiring. Since you don’t attend a class physically, an imposter may study using your names meaning that an online degree holder may lack the knowledge that he/she claims to have. Another challenge experienced with online degrees is that you must be a good time manager. This is because you are not supposed to report to class at a given time. You have to choose the best time for you to study. The flexibility enjoyed by this kind of studying means you may postpone and even miss some valuable lessons. This may affect your overall understanding and application of the knowledge passed through this method. If you asked me, I would advise you not to be in a hurry and wait for the right time to join a college for your studies. The benefits outweigh the challenges by far.

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