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Is it advisable to buy used textbooks?

I am planning to join college next year. I will need several books for medical students in my time at the college. However, I am confused whether to buy used textbooks, rent or buy new ones. What are the benefits that I will get by relying on used textbooks? Should I consider buying new medical school books? I want to hear from someone with first-hand experience. I don’t want to incur heavy costs in my education. I want to use the resources that I have wisely and still enjoy the full benefits comparable to those who have spent more. Your response will be highly regarded.

Jan Berry

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1 answer

Victoria Fowler on February 8, 2018

From my experience, I would advise you to use used textbooks. Buying used textbooks is cheaper than buying new ones. Once you have bought textbooks, you can easily sell them back when you are through. It does not matter your discipline, as there are many places where you can buy and even sell these books. If you were to buy these books now, you would get them at a lower price allowing you to make some profit when selling them back thereby enjoying more benefits.

You can also get a book for medical students by renting. Your decision to buy or rent should depend on the sell back price and the renting price. Although in some cases, renting is considered cheaper than buying, I would recommend the latter. It is easy to find a book to buy online at the same price as renting. Besides, once you have rent a book, you cannot re-sell it once you are through with it. For some editions, it is expensive to rent hence it is better to just buy a used text copy.

Buying new books is more expensive than buying used ones. Besides, even when the university switches from using such a book, you don’t incur huge costs since you had bought it at a lower price. Although buying a new book is expensive, its selling price after using it is not very different from the selling price of an already used text book. If one person was using a used textbook while the other was using a new textbook, the selling wouldn't be different, and the one using an already used text book is bound to make more profits than the other.

Any book for medical students that is put on sale will in most cases have high demand. The main advantage of the Internet is that if you post your book online, it will be visible to many buyers. You only need to do your research on sites like to establish the price of that book. If you want to sell your book quickly, you just need to sell your book at a lower price. However, you must be careful about the fees to make sure that you make some profit on selling the book. You also need to be sensitive to shipping costs.

Finding used textbooks is not difficult as you can find them at off campus stores and even the internet. One disadvantage of relying on digital books is that it is difficult to sell them back. I didn’t have any difficulty selling my medical books as their demand is always high.

Brian Warner2 years ago

If you decide to buy used textbooks, just know selling them is not walk in the park. Meeting with your buyers will take time. You must be ready to make regular trips to the post office as you are not likely to sell all your books at once. This means you will spend a lot of time and energy selling them. If you are a person who never likes moving from place to place, reselling them won’t be an easy option. However, you shouldn’t worry much as there are many places where you can sell the books. Another challenge with reselling used textbooks is when the university changes the books. It becomes difficult to find buyers although you can still sell the books. If you want to make more profits when reselling your books, you don’t to rush into selling them. Just make sure that the book is priced at the current market prices.

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