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Is it a wise idea to take free online psychology courses?

I am a full-time professional editor at a local newspaper. Although I am working as an editor, my passion is in guidance and counseling. In addition, I like dealing with the youth. So, I got the idea that I should quit this job or do it part-time and immerse myself in guidance and counseling full-time. In this regard, I was thinking of enrolling for free online psychology courses. I intend to use the Yale online course selection platform to choose a course because Yale University offers one of the best online course selection services. Since I do not plan to quit my current job, I thought a free online summer school would serve me well. Before I make up my mind on which field of psychology to go by, I would like someone to help me understand the pros and cons of long distance learning.

Curtis Rhodes

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1 answer

Derrick Little on January 18, 2018

Since you do not plan to leave your current job and become a full-time student, I would advise you to join one of the free online summer schools of your choice. I have several reasons for giving you such a piece of advice. First, joining a free online class will relieve the burden of school fees. A free online courses save you a lot of time as compared to regular classes. With full-time regular courses, a lot of time is spent attending classes, doing physical discussions, as well as in partying with peers. But with free online courses, there is no peer influence, which might contribute to wasting your time with happy times. Also, if you hate face to face presentations, such a class will also serve you greatly.

Enrolling in a free online psychology course is also one of the easiest ways of earning a diploma or degree these days. A larger percentage of the working class prefer this mode of learning. This is because it gives them time to focus on their career, while at the same time facilitating their upward mobility. Free online courses have a specialized program. Students are not required to learn a lot of general units/content like their peers in traditional classes. Online courses are precise about the content, and their content is market-oriented. This not only enables you to complete your course within a shorter span but also prepares you for the outside world.

If you go for a long-distance learning program, you will also have time to socialize with your friends and relatives, hence strengthening your ties. One of the things that make students take forever to graduate is lack of money for school fees, missing marks, costs of learning materials and frequent strikes. However, with a free online course, you are devoid the stress. Another advantage of free online learning is that there is no need to buy books, learning materials are just downloaded from the school portal.

I cannot forget to mention that nowadays, free online courses are a good way of furthering your education while still doing other ventures. Selecting a free online psychology course will also make you a master of your time. I once took an online course, and for sure, it served my purpose. Besides getting a certificate, I was also able to save on transport. One of the most interesting parts about it was the fact that content is straight to the point, no make-ups for missed classes, and I got the privilege to understand how online learning works. What a good choice!

Caleb Jenkins2 years ago

I agree with about pros of online courses. I can also add that Yale online course selection offers you not only psychology courses but also programs in other fields such as business administration, computer programing, marketing, communication, and human resource among others. Also, free online courses do not have strict schedules that require you to finish your
assignment in a few days. Such courses allow you to complete your homework at your pace provided you complete it within the semester. Quizzes and exams are flexible unlike in traditional classes. The flexibility enables you to review and study until you comprehend the content matter, hence higher chances of you scoring a good grade.

On the other hand, I would like to point out the associated cons. Free online courses deny you the cordial relationship that lecturers establish with their students when they meet face to face. I did a free online course in business management, and I can attest that it was very easy. Hence I
completed it in time. The unfortunate part was that I didn’t get an opportunity to interact with my classmates. I wish I had live interaction. The only opportunity I got was through Facebook and Skype. In addition, there are many institutions offering online courses in different subjects. Some offer unique and superb quality, and others doing a dubious work. It is, therefore, difficult to know the ones that are good or bad. This, therefore, hardens the choice of course and institution. Now you got what you needed; the choice is yours.

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