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Is it a good idea to have an online education degree?

I have a plan to do a degree in education. My spouse says that I can do an online education degree. But I am not sure about the credibility of an online teaching degree. Who accredits online education in the US? If you think they are as good as a regular degree, can you suggest a few online courses for me which are affordable? After completing the online degree, is it possible for me to go back to regular education for my doctoral level in education or is it necessary to do my doctoral degree online as I have online masters?   

Ashley Howard

in Online Courses

1 answer

1 answer

Kevin Sutter on March 27, 2018

Well, let me try to unwind the conundrum. For your first question, my answer is, the value of your online degree in education depends on three important elements; the purpose you are using it, your level of confidence and performance in an interview, and the accreditation of the education provider who granted you the degree. Now let us see these three elements in detail.

According to many studies, the number of employers accepting online degree in teaching is rising. Still, beware of the reality that nearly a third of the employers still remain uncertain about the credibility of online courses. In addition, it is a reality that an online degree from a traditional, reputed university is far more appreciated than one from a new, totally online platform. Now, regarding the accreditation of such courses, the first rule is to check whether your online college is accredited by an agency that is recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or the Department of Education. Secondly, be aware of the fact that jobs like teaching, accounting and engineering are controlled by the state licensing boards and they often demand degrees from regionally accredited universities. That means the degrees awarded by national accreditation agencies like DETC, ACICS, and ACCSC may fail to please the state licensing boards. In addition, the regionally accredited universities usually do not accept nationally accredited degrees as equivalents of their own. The regional accreditation boards in the US are MSA, NASC, NCA, NEASC, SACS, and WASC. Thus, the message is clear; the best thing is to get an online degree from one of the regionally accredited institutions.

Now let me introduce a few of them which are regionally accredited. The first one is the University of Houston. It is one of the cheapest, costing nearly $420 per credit. The beauty of their degree is that it is offered wholly online and allows much flexibility through an asynchronous way of learning. As you are from Florida, I think you will be interested in the University of Florida. The university can offer you one of the best graduate education programs in America according to many reviewers. Here you can do M. Ed in Educational Leadership. According to the university website, you will have to complete 36 credit hours of coursework, costing you nearly $735 per credit. However, the beauty of this degree is that it is approved by the Florida Department of Education and accredited by SACS. A few other regionally accredited places where you can find masters degree online at affordable cost are the University of Illinois, the University of Georgia, and the University of Texas. Well, the list is not complete but I hope this can help you select a recognized online degree in education.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

Hi, your interest in learning is appreciated but I think you should spend some more time before making your final decision. I mean, what exactly do you want to do with your degree in teaching? Administration? Elementary school teaching? Early childhood education? Secondary education?  You can find different pathways depending on your present education and future purpose. For example, there is Master’s in Educational Administration, Master’s in Elementary Education, Master’s in Early Childhood Education, and even Master’s in Secondary Education. In addition, have you completed a teacher preparation program? If not, it is necessary to think about it because you cannot be employed as a teacher without successfully completing a teacher preparation program. If you haven’t done this, a wise idea is to look for joint programs. Yes, you can find blended programs combining your degree and teacher preparation program, saving your time and money. So my advice is, if you are thinking about an online teaching degree, you do not need to worry much about the credibility of online courses as most traditional, reputed universities offer only accredited programs. Instead of worrying about it, spend more time on selecting the right course that suits your personal goals the best. Good luck!

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