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Is it a good idea to get a continued education?

I’m looking to get into school to refine my skills as a mechanic. I can’t spend too much time in class, and I don’t even think I can get back to the normal student routine of going to school every day. How does continued education work and how are these adult learning classes tailored to suit the needs of folks like me who may not have time? What school of continuing education would you recommend? How does being a mechanic fit in these adult courses?

Kristi Hammond

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Kathy Robinson on July 24, 2018

An adult learning class is a great alternative if you want to satisfy an educational ambition or learn a new skill without the necessity to attend class. The courses offered may be credit or non-credit. The courses may be offered online through webinars, tutorials, online lectures and other instructional tools which may be provided either physically or online. In some trades, it is actually a requirement that people go through continuing education and actually get those efforts certified.

Many schools of continued education will often be under the schools of open and distance learning, and if you have a specific course in mind, then you can check out for different schools. Some programs may require you to physically avail yourself in which case you’ll look for something that is close to your area. However, The Auto Training Centre actually offers online and distant training for mechanics and automotive technicians. You’ll use their e-learning platform, and you will never need to use textbooks or any other materials that demand your physical presence. Also, when you complete the course, you will receive a technician certificate. The course is Canadian though so you have to look for other American programs if you are settled on these.

Hot Courses Abroad offers a list of about 400 courses for adults which you can ski through and find the one that might suit your needs. The great thing about distance learning is the fact that you really have a wide variety to choose from. You can choose a course that is totally unrelated to mechanics, or you can go for a course which would allow you to mechanize better. When choosing a course, make sure you select one that allows you to pace yourself and isn’t very rigid on the working timelines. Also look for something that isn’t too expensive and a course that allows you to share with other learners, even if it’s online. While YouTube and other online tutorials are a good alternative especially when all you are looking to do is learn quickly with practical examples, a classroom environment, even if it is a virtual one will always allow you to share problems with other learners and come up with solutions to those problems quickly.

Again, choose something close to where you are and make sure that if you pay good money for the course, they also give you some sort of certification.

Charles McAlear2 years ago

Continued education is used by different schools and institutions for adult learners who wish to continue their education or learn a new skill. I personally got my teaching certification online and after quite a long period because I was committed to working and also had a family to take care of. It can be difficult to balance and especially for me because I had to balance two jobs and still take care of my family at the same time. If you enroll in a full-time adult course, you can actually benefit from some form of financial aid. Since I was working towards certification, I had to go for a real degree albeit through the distance learning program. If however, you don’t need a degree, diploma or any other certification, you’ll get something cheaper and probably more locally available. Think about how much time and money you can spend.  

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