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Is it a good idea to further education?

I see a lot of my friends enrolling for continuing professional education and I would like to do the same. However, I do not want fitting in and ‘following the crowd’ to be the only reason I get further education. I want to do it because I know for a fact that it will benefit my career and me as a person. Unfortunately, I do not know the real benefits of furthering one’s education. Are there any benefits? If so, is it better to pay or get free continuing education?

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on March 1, 2018

It is important to keep an eye on what other people are doing especially in the workplace so that you are not left behind. However, you need to be very careful that you do not do things just because everyone else is doing it. You need to understand the benefits of pursuing certain things and whether or not it is the right time for you. For instance, your friends might be furthering education because they have skills that you already have. Instead of focusing on what they are doing. It would be better for you to analyze your own skills and identify areas where you most likely need some improvement.

On whether or not there are benefits to continuing your professional education, there are plenty of benefits. First and foremost, you get to earn more money. Research has shown that college and university graduates earn almost one million dollars more compared to high school graduates. The other reason why you should consider furthering your education is the fact that it gives you a competitive advantage. As more and more people go back to school to continue their education, there is more and more competition for well-paying jobs. The fact that you have some experience in the industry and a higher education will definitely give you a better chance of getting these jobs. Getting more skills also gives you better job security. Employers are more likely to hold on to an employer who has a number of good skills compared to one who only has the basic skill set. You will also get to improve your lifestyle. With a better paying job, you can buy your dream house, go on your dream vacation and do anything else you have never been able to do because of limited resources. Last but not least, you will get an opportunity to improve your social network. In school, you will meet other people like you who want to be better at their job and gain more experience. This gives you an opportunity to create long-lasting networks that can be really beneficial for your career.

Continuing education for free is not always a good idea. This is because free courses are often provided online. Online learning prevents you from utilizing all the resources available to you. It might also not work very well if you are not very disciplined. Like they say, cheap is very expensive. If you can, just pay for your course.

Brian Warner2 years ago

Getting further education is probably the best decision you can make concerning your career. It really doesn’t matter where you got the inspiration from. Whether it was an individual decision or a decision based on other people’s action, it is a great idea. With more skills, you will gain confidence to take advantage of different types of career opportunities you might never have had the courage to take because of your lack of skills. Apart from this, it makes climbing the corporate ladder even easier because you will stand out from other employees who are sitting on their laurels. Your discipline will also improve because taking classes while working requires good discipline. However, I agree that you should stay away from free classes. They are not the best especially if you are doing it for the purpose of improving your career. There are plenty of affordable classes you can take as an alternative.

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