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Is ISA study abroad program reliable for someone who wants to study outside America?

I’m looking for a reliable study abroad program. I have heard about ISA study abroad program from a friend although I do not know much about it. I am planning to go and study abroad in Korea. Does the program has the option of going to Korea? What am I supposed to know before going to Korea? How do universities in South Korea compare to UK universities? Please, if you have first-hand information on the matter, your response will be highly appreciated.

Ashley Howard

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1 answer

Jodi Brooks on January 11, 2018

If you want to go and study in a different country, ISA’s study abroad program is very reliable. Under the program, you can join colleges in not only Korea but other Asian countries such as China and Japan, and countries around the world. Korea is a great country to go and study as it is among the most highly advanced and safe democracies in Asia. The nation is among the countries with the highest economic growth rates. The country provides international students with an opportunity to learn and improve their knowledge of the Korean language. Besides, students experience a combination of modernization and tradition.

Koreans are very hospitable. Recently, the number of Koreans speaking English has been increasing tremendously thereby eroding language barrier that hindered the interaction between the foreigners and the locals. Moreover, there are many beautiful places to visit in Korea. In Korea, there are many universities you can go to study at such as the Korea University, Pusan National University, and Hanyang University among others. When studying abroad in Korea, you have the opportunity to study International Business, Korean Language and Studies, Political Science, and International Studies et cetera.

At a university such as Pusan, students use public transport to access it. International students get an opportunity to experience Korean culture while studying at the public college. The hospitality by the Korean students makes you feel at home. In addition, you are allowed to join the various student’s clubs and organization.

Universities in the UK are not very different from those in Korea. However, there are several areas where universities from the two countries differ. For instance, there are more restrictions in Korean universities than in the UK. Korean universities have strict rules in class and attendance is vital. Besides, for those students who choose to reside in schools, there are a lot of restrictions. You cannot compare the freedom in universities in the two countries.

Another important difference Korean universities display are strong communities and identities. Students live like one big family. Students dress in different jackets depending on their schools and majors. Furthermore, Korean students spend more time together than their counterparts in the UK.

Lastly, I would say that Korea is a great place to go for studies. Despite, the differences, it takes just a little while to adjust and fit in this society. When I went there it was difficult at first, however, due to the much time I spent with other students I quickly learned to do my things in the Korean way, and my life became very easy there.

Wilson Hansena year ago

Although I agree with your response, I think there is one thing you have forgotten to mention, North Korea. While studying abroad in Korea, I discovered that most people don’t care about North Korea.
People here go on about their daily lives without any fear. By watching the news coverage, I discovered how differently the West and the Koreans cover the North Korea threat.

In addition, the weather in Korea is very unpredictable. For instance, you can have a beautiful day today, and the next morning wake up to a lot of rain. In Korea, classrooms are always very cold in the morning. Food in Korea is very cheap. On average, meals go for around 500 won which is about 4.50 USD. However, you have to familiarize yourself with mystery meat. Korea is a great place to go and study for an international student.

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