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Is internet increasing the education world?

The availability of steady internet in most parts of the world is transforming every aspect. I feel that most of the changes that are being experienced in most societies are because of the internet. Learning is developed to engage education portal to allow students learn from a resource center worldwide. The changes and new development are awesome. I believe the new implications can benefit students. For example, Cambridge education portal helps students connect. I feel the education system is shifting maybe because of the internet. I want to know if it is enlarging the education world.

Whitney Matthews

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1 answer

1 answer

Derrick Little on July 20, 2018

I appreciate your knowledge and concerns about the current systems in education. I believe that you are one of the internet users and you have noted the effect in the current societies. I am from a village that wasn’t connected to the rest of the country because of poor infrastructure. It had limited interactions with other communities. Today I can interact with the world from the same village. It implies that the internet is one of the main tools that are going to change the education. I believe that what we are experiencing today is only the beginning of something great.

The world of education can be accessed anytime. It is evident that hidden cultures that have strong moral values can be reached, the information is available and individuals from all over the world can get it. The spread of some certain traits in some cultures is because of the internet. It is not only in the informal setting but also in the formal setting. Learning institutions are using the same internet to develop their agendas. Having individuals overcome all barriers to learn in any, well-known institution in the world at his or her comfort is one of the achievements. It has only happened because the internet is available. It is a clear indication that the internet is enlarging the education world.

Institutions are making efforts every day to see that they admit many online students. The establishment of the online course is a proof that we are headed in an era where everything will be online. The education systems will be run online. From the developments that are ongoing, education will be conducted in the comfort of students’ homes. The need to attend classes will be scrapped because all students will be enrolled in the online studies. The engagement of education portals to align student to their respective courses and needed materials is one of the avenues to make online education dream available to all students. One of the education portal-Cambridge is a classic example of where university and college education is headed. We cannot resist change for it is coming speedily. The option we have is to align ourselves to move with it. The development and growth of the new education systems are internet products. We cannot run away from it. In few years to come, we will be able to note the change we have gone through.

Tad Fraziera year ago

I like your thoughts. I am a web developer and I can second what you have put across. Many clients in our company buy and request us to help them work on education portals. Many are in preparation to launch their online schools with affiliate universities and companies. I am working on the development of a website. We have the website for the elementary pupil. In the next few years, it will be a boom. The education world is becoming smaller each day. It brings people of all lifestyles together. The internet has influenced the education system. The truth is that the systems have started working. We are not able to note because they have not yet spread. We may not know the advantages or disadvantages we are going to get, but we are sure it is soon happening. The transition from informal education to formal education was smooth and progressive, this one will be much rapid than most people expect. 

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