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Is income the same thing as revenue how?

Kyle Mckinney

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1 answer

1 answer

Kyle Mckinney on January 1, 2018

Yes, the rent is the same thing as revenue, however, there are key words to help distinguish between the different types of "revenue" or income. Income (sometimes referred to as income) is the money that a company receives delivery of a good or service. Sales Revenue or Sales Revenue is a good example of how Income and can be interchangeable. Both refer to the same thing, money that is put into a business of "selling". Gross income (rarely referred to as Gross Income) income is the income that a company has after the cost of goods sold are deducted. Net Income is basically the rest of the Gross Income after all expenses, such as Taxes, Wages, Etc are paid. Retained Earnings is the final step. Retained earnings is simply PROFIT. Is what has the company after dividends are paid from Net Income, if applicable. Retained earnings is what the company literally did after all cogs, Expenses, and Dividends are paid. (MORE)

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