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Is improving self esteem too hard to be realized?

I have seen many students suffer from low self-esteem to the point of it affecting their productivity. Furthermore, I have seen people looking for professional help to increase self esteem without gaining the desirable results. While I believe anything is possible, the issue about improving self esteem has left me wondering whether it is a task too hard to be done. I am interested in knowing the strategies to boost your self esteem until you are able to help someone else make a change in his or her life. If there are ways to build self esteem, then that is what I would like to know.

Samantha Barber

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1 answer

Zach Chandler on March 15, 2018

No, it is not too hard to improve self-esteem. However, it is not too easy to be taken for granted. It takes a personal initiative and effort to achieve an increase in self-esteem significantly. Having worked in a rehabilitation center, I encountered people whose self-esteem had deteriorated to the extreme levels that made their lives unpleasant. However, through professional help, they were able to boost it to favorable levels. This is why I emphasize that while it is not too hard to be accomplished; it is neither too easy but requires personal initiative such as seeking help from professionals.

If you need to learn the best strategy that boosts your self-esteem, then the mind is a strong asset. One thing that can either help or destroy a person is the power of his/her mind. Have you ever realized that our mind could be so powerful to contain any solution to a challenge a person faces? If not, then I would challenge you to harness the power of your mind in creating workable solutions to your low esteem issue. I have helped many people to manipulate their minds in such a way that it bends to produce the desirable condition. For example, if you feel other people are too important than you are, then you can train your mind to have control over your feelings. I have learned that the human thinking affects the feelings. As a result, managing the thoughts about your self-worth can help you keep the high perception of yourself.

Other ways that build self-esteem include self-awareness, willingness to adjust one’s self-image, avoiding comparisons with other people, keeping a positive mind and so on. Notably, it would be difficult to boost self-esteem without first seeking to know the reason for the low self-esteem. I believe it is only through self-exploration and awareness that one can establish the reason as to why they would hold a low perception of their self-worth. Additionally, after establishing the reason, the other strategies such as avoiding comparison and keeping a positive mind can be helpful to keep everything under your control. I have learned to look at everything positively as a way to combat any negative feelings that would affect my self-esteem. With all the power the human mind has, enhancing self-worth can be a simple exercise.

Brian Warnera year ago

It is true that enhancing self-worth is not too difficult for anyone. I have encountered people who have overcome low self-esteem by maintaining a positive way of thinking and appreciating who they are. One thing I have come to realize is that it is never easy for someone to admit that people are endowed differently. In fact, the continued comparisons that some people make in their life is a reason for low self-esteem. While other people would be better in one way or another, I believe you can also find something in your life that is worth praising. These are the additional ways to build self esteem and avoid the effects of the negative self-image. I understand the power of the mind: using it can help resolve any kind of challenge a person is facing, including low self-esteem.

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