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Is higher or lower ohms better for a speaker?

Megan Page

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1 answer

1 answer

Caroline Campbell on December 11, 2018

That difficult given that a speaker with better sensitivity will be louder than a less sensitive for the same power. A 8 ohms speaker with a sensitivity of 93/W/m will be two times as strong as a 4 ohm speaker rated at 90db/w/m (both fed 1W of power, which is 2.83 V for 8 ohms and 1,415 V for 4 ohms). The net result is that, for the same volume as the 8 ohm speaker will put less load on the computer of music, or apps. Thus, for 93/W/m 8 ohm speaker requires 2.83 V, so it draws 0.35 A. The 4 ohm speaker will have 2.83 V instead of 1.415 V for the same volume (it is 3dB less efficient). So it draws 0.7 a at 2.83 V. So the amplifier works at a higher temperature. In summary the systems of cars are designed for 4 ohm speaker and was cited for the noise at 2.83 V - that makes it seem louder than 8 ohms speakers. This is incorrect because the loudness is not measured with voltage but with watts. So every time you see a 4-ohm driver cited for 2.83 V simply reducing 3dB from the loudness (SPL) value that is advertised to find your actual rating, and then get the speaker that has the highest SPL rating that you can afford. That way you will get more loudness without having to turn the volume knob all the way to max.

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