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Is energy in an ecosystem flow from consumers to producers true?

Dana Keller

in Biology

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1 answer

Eric Morgan on December 2, 2018

FalseIts the Producers to the Consumers and not the other way around.Why?1.Producers or Autotrophs make their own food such As Ferns, Fungi, Shrubs2. Primary consumer/Herbivores feed on producers and cannot make their own foodLike Rabbits, Mice, Small Birds, Small Reptiles3. Secondary Consumers/ CarnivoreThey eat the Primary Consumers, such As Snakes, Roadrunners, Toads4. Tertiary Consumer/ CarnivoreThey eat the Secondary Consumers, but sometimes eat the Main ConsumersLike Hawks, Coyotes, Humans(5. DecomposersThey breakdown of what has died of all levels, from the Producers to the Tertiary and to put nutrients in the soil giving the Producers nutrientsLike Worms, Raccoons, Insects )Hope this helped

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