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Is distance education good for a master’s degree student?

I graduated from university two years ago. I attended the traditional way of classes and enjoyed mingling with students from different backgrounds. I now have a good job; I want to get the best online learning platforms to advance my education. To get a promotion, I need to have a master’s degree. Since it is possible to earn credits online, can I get a free online masters degree? I also need to know if the UC online courses are worth. I need someone to advise me on distance education.

Megan Page

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1 answer

1 answer

Derrick Little on June 12, 2018

Distance learning is a way of continuing education accreditation online. Many people are embracing the method to add knowledge and certificates too. There are many advantages when it comes to distance education that adds value to your CV. Is this type of education system right for you?

Attend school anywhere you choose. If you come from remote places, you may not be familiar with dining out, gaming and going to the movies. After clearing high school, you have a choice of attending a college that suits your educational needs best. With distance learning, one does not have to travel miles to attend classes. Start with an online degree program and later a master’s degree. You can find the best learning platforms online from recognized universities or colleges and subscribe to its courses.

You won’t have work disruptions. Going to school has its challenges when you have a stable job that pays your bills. One of those challenges is work-related travels that may happen to any profession. If you are attending classes, you may have to defer to the next semester. Distances education allows you to travel and still attend UC courses online without worry of transferring credits to another college. Military students who are always on the move may take advantage of the online system to attend to their master's classes.

Flexible schedules are major concerns for students who want to advance their education. They worry how to balance between classes and their busy lives. Family engagements, full and part-time jobs and other activities are some activities that may set back individuals from going back to school. Once you subscribe to distance education learning, you set the schedule to fit your work program. It is a great resource for professionals who want to further their studies from the comfort of their homes.

Save tuition fee. I see you want to get out of your comfort zone and earn more money. If you have already carried out your research, you know that there are almost free master degrees online offered by the various institutions. Before you settle for a free course, scrutinize the units offered and how detailed they are. You do not need to waste time on a course that is shallow just because it is free. Earning that masters degree will open more opportunities in the job market that is very competitive. Obviously, people with a master degree get more paying jobs than those with just a degree. Get yourself a higher education through distance learning at no cost today. 

Roger Moorea year ago

I think it depends on how you want to use your online master's degree. If you want to get the promotion soon, subscribe to several online classes available on the internet free. If you want credible knowledge, I bet investing some money into your education will be worth it. Online courses that charge a considerable amount of fees mostly have well-researched programs and you get a one on one video conversation with your professors. Free online master’s degree classes on the other hand, only forward you publications that sometimes are not revised. Additionally, having a discussion with a professor to give guidance on units you have challenges it may never happen. I have done a free master's online program and I can assure you it is not one of the best degrees for education. I had to do another one that required me to invest in with my resources in paying the fee. 

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