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Is course withdrawal possible in any college?

Recently, I’ve heard about course withdrawal and how many people use this option while studying at a college or university. So, I wonder how it actually works. Do you need to fill in some course withdrawal form? Who do you need to speak to about such an option? Should you do it in a written form?

Also, is there some kind of a sample letter of withdrawal from college course anywhere on the Internet?

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

Tara Andrews on August 7, 2018

Withdrawal from a course is such a tricky thing that cannot be universally explained. Most universities have their own withdrawal rules and don’t conform to the rest. So, even the students who have gone through the process ones cannot be sure about the rules in another. What all establishments have in common is the general understanding that you cannot withdraw from all courses because it’ll be a complete withdraw from a university. No establishment is ready to lose a student in this way.

To make you understand the issue better, I’ve prepared a few articles for you where, to my mind, the whole course withdrawal process is described particularly in detail.

For starters, let’s look at this page:  It’s a bit drastic in its courses withdrawal forms and describes dropping all classes and so on. Well, for the University of Missouri, this is not a play. However, I should note that many establishments in the country have a strict line between withdrawal that can be relatively harmless in comparison to dropping.

Speaking of which, here is a great article that describes the differences between the two -  For the most part, the article describes the way things are done in many establishments.

Also, note that no university agrees for refunds in case of withdrawals. You’ll also such interesting information that Daytona, for example, allows up to three attempts to take a course. It’s not the only college with such policy.

Also, remember that everything has to be done with the agreement of your college advisor.
In some schools, there is no need to write a withdrawal letter. There are special dropout forms that require a couple of minutes to fill in. That’s all. However, there are schools that require a full-length explanation and permission. So, you’ve asked about a sample college course withdrawal letter and here is what I’ve found -  To my mind, this page explains how it should be done perfectly. It contains all the necessary details and show’s a good sample letter that is easy to take as an example.

Kurt Pricea year ago

Here is also another explanatory page by the Oregon State University that explains how they things work at the place - also, you’ve said that no establishments will refund a withdrawn course. Here is one condition that allows getting a refund. So, maybe, more colleges and universities do it and you just don’t know details of the process?

Though I’ve never filled in the course withdrawal form, I’ve seen it multiple times at my friends’. This is a completely normal form that asks the regular stuff. Also, my friends mentioned that there was nothing complicated and the student lives didn’t suffer from the decision. Now, they all have degrees from reputable universities even despite withdrawing.

So, there is nothing to be afraid. You just have to talk to your supervisor/mentor and ask them to explain the process to you.

Jeffrey Rodrigueza year ago

How about an online course withdrawal? In the world of online learning, this option is also rather popular. What to do when you’ve subscribed for a course and even paid for it and your plans change? There is also a withdrawal option. In this case, the refund policy depends on the platform you are working with as some of them don’t allow it at all and other have certain rules and requirements that have to be met in order to get your funds back.
Just as with the regular colleges, you submit a course withdrawal form and wait for a response.  

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