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Is continuing education for nurses perfect?

Changes occurring in our daily lives affect us either positively or negatively. The idea of LPN continuing education represents some aspects that I feel are not good. I think that the program is not being done in the right way. Advancing education for nurses should provide them with an extra credential. Lately, I have read an article about the physical therapy continuing education courses that focus on accrediting therapists as they advance. Nursing is an old discipline, but the nurses do not get credited when they take the studies. Do you think continuing education for nurses is perfect in the way it is being done?

Theresa Perry

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on October 11, 2018

Education does not stop with getting credential or recognition for undertaking a particular course. Some technical and delicate courses require refreshing of knowledge to help the employers efficiently work. Advancing education for nurses is a great way of allowing them to deliver the best in the areas of their specialization. With or without accrediting, learning to improve their working skills is essential. I take it positively because it is for the good of the public. The facility users are the ones who benefit more because the knowledge acquired is for them. Getting excellent services from the nurses is what keeps them satisfied with their work. Advancing in expertise is incredible.

Licensed practical nurses continuing education (LPN) helps them to be more competent. A few years ago my daughter was sick, she was admitted to hospital for a month. It was not easy for us as a family because as parents, we always want the best for our children, her condition required tenacity. The only nurses who could handle her were the experienced nurses that had done various courses that relate to children psychology. If such nurse were not available, it could have been more expensive for us to hire a therapist to handle her case. It is okay for them to study and equip themselves to handle delicate situations like the case of our daughter.

There are various requirements for nurses. Nurses have a specification to accomplish within their working environments. Continuing education for a nurse allows him or her to meet their obligations without the worry of test taking. Their tight schedule may not allow them to prepare adequately for education but can give them time to have a refresher course. Nurses with learning incapacities, which affect their test abilities benefit from the no-test continuing education. Participating in no-test continuing education gives busy nurses planning flexibility in effecting the requirements in renewing their licenses.

Physical Therapists experience challenges with attaining optimum functional results for a wide kind of orthopedic and neurological problems, which result in physical dysfunction. Summit offers physical therapy continuing education courses that provide the training with high impact CEs. The platforms are both Live and Online CEUs. The intent is to equip the therapist to handle complicated situations and not necessarily have another degree. The same is ideal the continuing education for nurses. The most important aspect is to get knowledge that is beneficial for the society.  

Karen Wright2 years ago

Information becomes useful when someone takes enough time to study. I would like to disagree with your arguments. I understand that the tests are a measure of how well a nurse knows and recalls the information in continuing education for nurse course. Without the test module, nurses may strain remembering the material. Performing exemplary on tests requires good note-taking and comprehensive study for exams. Without testing the nurses, they may not pay detailed attention to the content, having less information and recalling the same reduces the effectiveness of the learning opportunity. Therefore, I believe that advancing education for nurses is necessary and more efficient when the nurses are credited. It is good to be recognized for the effort they employ to get to another level to serve better. Crediting will allow them to commit more time and work smart to retain the information for the sake of education. The extent of maintaining the knowledge and understanding it improves the effectiveness of training. 

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