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Is continuing education for nurses available for a nurse that is interested in on-course learning?

I am interested in a program that will help me fulfil my continuing education for nurses state requirement. The program should be offering physical therapy continuing education courses. Kindly explain CEUs in LPN continuing education; what are they? Am I required to undertake CEUs and where is the easiest avenue for completing CEUs? I would like to know the number of CEUs that my state requires me to complete before renewing my licence. If possible provide a list of Licensed Practical Nurse continuing education units’ requirement by state.

Rodney Fox

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1 answer

Donald Ward on March 27, 2018

Continued education for nurses are available from, for instance. The site partners with organizations that are leading in the industry to provide free of charge courses. The online course content details partner and accreditation info. At, continued education courses listed under Advanced Practice Nursing offer you with up-to-date and relevant clinical information for advanced practice nursing. has a team that is proud of producing high – quality physical therapy continuing education courses. Students’ professional advancement and career development are the institution’s top priorities. They offer many continuing education courses under physical therapy including adolescent dating violence, integrative and complementary practice potpourri, Alzheimer’s disease, 1st part: trends in management and diagnosis, ABCs of physical therapy wound management, orthopedic emergency, Arthritis management bundle, bioethics in healthcare, joint replacement, calming the cognitively impaired and answering patient queries regarding clinical trials.

To respond to your concern about LPN Continuing Education Units, continuing education units, also CEUs, are education related credits for professionals who have been licenced to practice. Licenced professionals have a requirement to complete CEUs in order to renew and maintain their state licensure. LPNs may be required to complete a set amount of CEUs to get their licence renewed. The amount of CEUs may, however, vary from state to state.

Professionals who have licences in like every field are required to complete continuing education units for renewal of their licences. It is important to note that some states do not have CEU requirements. In nursing, the LPN, short for Licensed practical nurse, nursing practitioner and registered nurse are needed to complete CEUs if mandated by their states.

The easiest avenue to undertake continuing education for nurses and complete CEUs is online. While some sites provide CEUs for free, others charge per activity of CEU or offer a subscription service. Most sites provide subscriptions at a fee and those taking lpn continued education can complete CEUs on an unlimited basis after registering. Subscription cost can be between twenty - nine and ninety - nine dollars depending on the site. Various topics and areas of specialty are offered.

Advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support, and basic life support are usually accepted for CEU credits by the nursing state board. Based on the specialty of the LPN, certifications may be needed for the employment of nurses. The state board will often accept certification and recertification for these courses. If the Licensed practical nurse is working at a hospital, it should be easy to find CEUs.

Noel Byrd2 years ago

Well answered. I would like to say that one should check that the CEU is applicable to the licensure by your state before you embark on completing it. It’s worthy noting that some continued education units are only accredited for some states. You also failed to address the number of CEUs required for renewing a licence. Requirements for CEUs vary by state. While some states require CEUs before licensing an LPN, some don’t. Other states require both CEUs and some nursing employment. Some states provide options to CEUs completion such as national certification, projects and academic courses.

In the state of Arizona, no CEU is required while an LPN in Alabama will require twenty-four CEUs every 24 months. While there’s no CEU required in Hawaii, an LPN in Alaska will require thirty lpn Continued Education Units or thirty hours of activity by a professional nurse or three hundred and twenty hours of employment in nursing every two years. Other states where CEUs are not required include Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Wisconsin and South Dakota.

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