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Is continued education worth pursuing?

Some years ago I took a break from school due to some financial issues. I have been working, and I have saved up enough money to take over from where I left. I, however, do not know where I should start looking for a school that would fit my educational needs. A friend suggested that with continuing education programs I could easily pursue my dreams. I have no idea if it is worth pursuing and I would like opinions from individuals with information about continued education. I would like relevant information that will help me decide whether I should register for continuing education for adults.

Eric Morgan

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1 answer

Ralph Lopez on October 24, 2018

I completed my continuing education program last month and it was an experience worth both my time and effort. I had an opportunity to achieve my aspirations and at the same time enrich my career. Learning has no limit, therefore an individual may choose to advance their careers, and they can do so. The education system has advanced and included adult learning in school curriculums. Individuals can undertake educational and career programs while working. Educational institutions offer various courses in different fields of expertise to help people increase their expertise.

When a person applies for continuing education courses, they can pursue any course they find interesting. Adult learning comes in different forms from workshops and seminars to fulltime accredited diplomas and degrees. An individual can choose to enroll in traditional classes or online classes. There are many upsides for registering for continuing education.

• Distance learning
Continued education program for adults offers distance learning courses to individuals. Not everyone is comfortable with attending classes physically, some prefer taking their classes online. With the help of continued education, this is possible since some institutions provide online classes for their students. You can, therefore, take your courses, watch seminars and tutorial videos on the institutions website. You can also reach the instructor via email whenever you have questions. All projects and assignments are also done online as long as an individual has internet access.

• Flexible courses
Individuals who join continued adult learning programs have a flexible study plan. You have control over your study time and can choose one that suits you best. Most adults want to undertake professional courses while they also work and this is possible. Adult learning programs offer part-time classes for students who lack the entire day to take accredited courses. You have an option to apply for weekly classes or night classes for your convenience. There is no need to resign since you can build on your expertise and also work.

• Customized curriculum
It is often a tough call for adults to go back to school and pick up from where they stopped. Most of the time things have changed and getting accustomed to being a student again is often a challenge. Adults education curriculum is however developed to suit the unique needs of adult learners. Learners do not have to stress over going back to school since they will have a curriculum tailored to meet their needs.

Tad Frazier2 years ago

After dropping out of college, I have recently gone back after I enrolled in continuing education program. I am delighted that I can pursue my professional dreams without having to quit my job. I have joined an accredited learning institution that offers online classes for adults learners. For the past months, I have been able to continue with my degree course. Different course providers offer different programs for its students. Professional development courses have allowed learners to advance their careers by developing their skills and knowledge. Learners can take these courses by attending weekly classes, summer school and even day and weekend vents programs that take a few days. I have had an opportunity to choose flexible course programs that suit my busy schedule. There are also conferences and seminars you can attend to enrich your career. Some state centers offer sponsorships to adults learners who want to advance their careers. 

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