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Is continental academy a sacs accredited homeschool high school?

Kyle Mckinney

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1 answer

Timothy Norman on May 30, 2018

No, they are not accredited by SACS. Refused and/or their accreditation by SACS revoked in 2010 and have not tried reinstated. Their "programs" have been changes as well, without notifying parents or students. The only program to make use of this date (Dec2012) is a Fast Paced GED PREP course, it is not a high School Diploma, not backed up with all the Prior Accreditation they no longer have. With its "new program" and only make use of the program, which still, after the payment of your hard-earned money, you have to take a high school equivalency test/ high school Exit exam ( if you are under 17years of age) or a GED (after the age of 18 years of age). The High School of "competition" Diploma is only about a total of 11 classes of "Intro to" classes with a few freshman type classes, nothing for the broad spectrum of the 4 year of secondary school. So in other words after paying and passing this program would be to start at the beginning and study for the Unified School District exams ( HS Exit/HS Equivalency test or GED). I know because my son was enrolled in a previous (now not available), real 4 year high school program of Study, with the correct accreditation. He/she completed levels 9th-11th and decided to go to Public HS for his senior year. The school would not accept the Cont. Academy Credits or classes that have passed. He/she put 3 years of hard work in the program, only to discover that he/she would have to start HS all over again on the First level! If he/she continued Con. To, the diploma does not reflect the initial accreditation in which he/she was originally enrolled under. (this is by the Const. Academy School administration). He/she had to study to pass the HS equivalency test, for a HS diploma that would be equal to a child of 4 years of secondary education, an early graduation-so to speak. If he/she does not pass the test before you: 18 years of age, then he/she would have to study for the GED exam, which is less attractive to the universities. He/she then will still be able to attend a community college for 2 years, then transfer to a 4 year college (regardless of diploma or GED status). But each State is different and the State he/she resides in does not allow the university community of the admission without high school diplomas or Ged and may be transferable to a child of 4 years of university studies. Example: My sister dropped out of high school mid senior year, attended community college, transferred to 4-year college and has degrees in various fields of work. She did all this in the same State that my child resides in. Again in answer to your question, no they are not accredited by SACS . The accreditation(s) they have are not and were never recognized by any State, School District, any College of any level, Public high school or Regional nor National recognition. They are accredited, loosely termed, by NALSAS, which is only there to protect the consumer, ensuring that the student gets the materials they paid for (not the education that you pay for) and NCACS, a membership group ( like getting a membership to Costco). At some point they had the appropriate accreditation to meet the requirements of a genuine HS diploma, recognized by all institutions. So some of the recent titles are legit and others are not. You are going to see a lot of comments on other sites, saying that they "graduated" and has no problems to get in a 4 year college, yes when they had the accreditation-but people sometimes forget that just because their diploma is validated, it does not mean that all the others are as well. I hope this clears up your question.

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