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Is Christian Brothers College High School college prep accredited?

Whitney Matthews

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Jeremy Wood on March 15, 2018

From a press release issued by the accreditation board: Christian Brothers College High School Recognized for 84 Years of Continuous Accreditation October 26, 2011, Christian Brothers College High School, st Louis, MO was recognized for maintaining 84 years of continuous accreditation from the North Central Association Commission of Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA ALMOST). NCA CASI, an accreditation division of Advanced, assists schools and districts through the accreditation process and helps those institutions demonstrate a continuous commitment to provide quality education programs that are aimed at improving student performance. To earn accreditation, schools must meet Advanced's high standards, be evaluated by a team of professionals from outside the school, and implement a continuous process of school improvement. "We are proud of our tradition of accreditation," stated Mr. Mike England, President of Christian Brothers College High School. "This demonstrates to parents and our community that we are dedicated to providing students with a quality education and that we are open to external scrutiny. It assures them that we are focused on improving learning for all students." Dr. Mark Elgart, President/CEO of Advanced, the parent organization of NCA CASI, commended the school for its achievement. "The achievement of 84 years of continuous accreditation is an outstanding achievement. The staff of the school and of the community at the de la salle christian Brothers College High School deserve our admiration for their constant pursuit of quality and excellence."

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