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Is camping allowed at Suwannee Hulaween?

I want to attend Suwannee Hulaween with some friends because we like its long list of activities for this Halloween 2018 date. But hotels are usually very expensive and they are not always very close to the location of the festival. Nothing would be better than staying right at the Suwannee Music Park.

Amanda Johnson

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1 answer

1 answer

Kathy Robinson on October 11, 2018

Hulaween Suwannee takes place every year on the Halloween weekend, which will be this year on October 26, 27 and 28, in a park where camping is not only allowed but also encouraged. Camping is indeed an activity that has already become an important part of this festival.

This event includes certainly music performances that its visitors can enjoy every day, but besides that music part, this festival brings many art exhibitions to its visitors. This year, as in previous years, you will be able to see sculptures made out of metal and wood, paintings of all sizes and styles, and also lighting presentations made exclusively by lighting designers that will be exhibited outdoors, in the park where this festival takes place.

Outdoor activities are definitely an important part of this festival and the reason why many visitors keep on coming year after year. Some of those activities are yoga workshops, which benefit from the good energy of nature as well as from its natural sounds, and meditation classes, which also benefit from the peace of nature to help visitors reach a spiritual connection with themselves.

There are many advantages of camping on the Halloween date in 2018 at this festival. You can have a faster access to the activities since you will be already there by the time they are scheduled to start. You will not waste time and money on transportation, as you would have to do it if you stayed outside the park. And you will not need to pay for accommodation at a hotel, which means saving money that you can use to buy food and drinks or merchandise at this festival.

Among the merchandise of this event, you will find T-shirts, hats, and pins that you can use all along the three days of the festival and, after it finishes, they will be a nice souvenir to take home. Even if you camp at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park 2018, you will need to purchase your tickets for this festival. Children aged 2 and under are free. You can find more details at 

Brian Warner7 months ago

I like festivals that offer many activities to their visitors besides their main events, and that is why I like Suwannee Hulaween. It is wonderful to go to concerts to listen to jam and urban music. It is not my favorite music but it is fine; if I go with friends I can dance and have a good time. But I enjoy a lot more the yoga workshops and the meditation classes. I already marked the Halloween 2018 date in my calendar to remember that this festival is coming soon.  

Caleb Jenkins7 months ago

I wish there were more festivals like this one that offer the possibility to camp on their site or in a place near the location of the event. I have nice memories of the time that I spent with my family when we camped at other festivals. Now I want to go with my brothers to this event in Florida to spend good time camping together again. It is a state that has a nice weather, which makes it perfect for outdoor activities, such as camping. And there is also the benefit of saving money that you would have to use for transportation if you were staying far from the location of the festival; though I know that many people prefer to stay at hotels. I already bought my tickets and wrote the Halloween date in 2018 in my agenda. But there is no risk that I forget about it.  

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