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Is American Education Services a good loan program?

I want to apply for a loan from American Education Services to help me pay my college tuition. I’m getting familiar with college expenses right now and I realize that they are more than what I first thought. A friend helped me to discover student loan recently but I need to know how to apply for student loans and if it’s too hard to take one out. I haven’t applied to get loans for students before but I know they work for some people and I hope they work for me too.

Deborah Edwards

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1 answer

1 answer

Daniel King on May 15, 2018

AES is a company established by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency to service and guarantee a series of Federal Family Education Loan Program and private student loan products all over the USA.

It proposes a diversity of loan programs to students in search of a financial aid for their college tuition. If – after calculating your savings plus a possible scholarship – you notice that you still need financial aid, it can be good to discover student loans. To get thorough information about AES loans, contact a representative ( to discuss the most suitable loan program for you and set a payment plan.

Actually, applying for a student loan from AES or from any other loan servicer and take it out is an easy process, provided that you have all your documents in order. AES representatives will guide you towards the loan that fits you best and they will give you tips to avoid over borrowing.

The most difficult part of a student loan is to pay it back. Do not make the mistake of borrowing more money than you think that you will be able to pay. The higher the loan amount you borrow, the higher the interest rate that you will have to pay back.

If you need to take out several loans, you could think about consolidating them into one. It can help you to stay organized. Take online consolidation quizzes to verify if consolidating all of your loans into only one is the right option for you.

AES also has an online tool that you can use to check the status of your loans, their balances and interest rates. You can use online repayment schedule estimators to calculate your estimated monthly payment. AES offers a number of ways to pay: an automatic electronic deduction from your bank account on your due date monthly, online payment, paying through the AES mobile app, paying by phone or sending a paper check or money order by mail.

You can also set up payments in advance through the AES website and by phone. It is possible to schedule up to eight payments in a 60 day period, so you have the flexibility to set up your payments when you know you will have funds available. Regardless of the schedule and method you select, remember that those helpful education loans must be paid back. 

Ronald Miller2 years ago

I didn’t know about American Education Services but I’m glad to hear that those loans exist because even after applying for scholarships I’ve seen that college tuition can be very expensive. I’m evaluating all the options of loans for students because I want to go to college but it’s clear that I’ll need some financial aid to complete my higher education. I know that you must be a responsible person to apply for a loan because it’s a debt that has to be paid, but I’ll follow all the tips that my friends and my family have given to me: keep track of my loans to know how much I have to pay and pay every month, take jobs during the holidays to save some money and avoid having to apply for more loans, spend money wisely and pay the loan as soon as I can to avoid high interests! 

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