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Is adult education worth it?

I am 35 years old and I have had a very successful career so far. However, I work in a very competitive company. HR managers are constantly looking for people with new skills that can improve the company. For this reason, most of my colleagues have enrolled in continuing education courses that they believe will give them an advantage. The idea of adult education has never crossed my mind because I have had a successful career. I know the benefits of education and how important it is to get more skills, especially in international higher education institutions. However, I am not sure whether it would be the best move for me.

Carlton Burgess

in Higher Education

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1 answer

Blair Lewis on January 9, 2018

A lot of people choose to take a continuing education course to improve their skills so that they can either climb the corporate ladder or strengthen their job security. However, the decision to go for adults education should not be based on what other people are doing. There are a number of things you need to consider before enrolling in any program to further your education. First and foremost, you need to consider your professional goals. Does your level of education align with your current and future professional goals? If it does, there is really no need for you to go back to school simply because everyone else is doing it. Second, you need to consider whether or not you are a valuable asset to your company. Would the company suffer if they lost you as an employee or are you easy to replace? This is a very important question you need to ask yourself. If you are easily replaceable, you might need to go back to school to improve your craft and your skills so that you can be more valuable. Last but not least, you need to consider the cost of education. Going back to school can be quite expensive especially if you want to go to a higher education international institution and you have numerous financial responsibilities.

There are plenty of education benefits you get when you decide to go back to school. These include:

  • Better earnings: One of the reasons a lot of people choose to go back to school is to improve their salary. The higher your level of education, the higher the pay you will receive. Therefore, even if you are satisfied with your job and you are convinced you add value to your company, you can still go back to school to improve your salary and better your lifestyle.
  • Keeping or gaining employment: Apart from being able to keep your job, going back to school also opens doors for other job opportunities you might never have qualified for with your current education level.
  • An inspiration for children: Going back to school at an older age can be a great inspiration for your children. If you want to be a great role model and emphasize the importance of education, going back to school might send a very strong message.
  • Improved skills: Going back to school is never a waste. You will learn very important skills that will without a doubt improve your career.

Olive Wilson2 years ago

People have very different opinions on adult education. Most people believe education should be left to the young generation. However, I beg to differ. There is no age restriction for education. Everyone has the right to get an education at any age they wish. If you feel like going back to school would give you an added advantage, do it. I would advise you to do some research to identify which courses would really benefit your career. Find out which skills recruiters are currently looking for and which courses offer opportunities to learn such skills. Once you have identified a certain course, find out how much it costs and whether or not you will be able to afford it. If not, you can always look for a scholarship or government grant to fund your education. There are so many options to choose from if you want to continue with your education. Therefore, you should not let your circumstances hold you back.

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